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Why Major in Radio TV Film?

Why Major in Radio TV Film…

Do you love movies, can’t listen to enough podcasts, are always thinking of another creative TikTok or YouTube video to record, or does it seem like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and the other big streamers just can’t keep up with your demand for more content?  When you watch sports on TV, or listen on the radio, do you dream of being the one calling the games?  After you watch a movie or TV show with friends, do you debate how you would have made it differently?  If you find yourself answering ‘yes’ to any of these questions, well, welcome home!  The Radio TV Film program is filled with students and faculty just as passionate about media as you are.  This is where you belong!


Are YOU ready to start your career in media while earning your degree? Do you want to produce content while gaining knowledge and training in media industries?

The Radio TV Film major is renowned regionally and nationally for preparing students for a wide range of media careers. With flexible requirements, students can select courses to complement their career goals and interests. We offer a professional media curriculum that blends critical media analysis with substantial hands-on experience. Through classroom experiences, internships, and involvement in our award-winning student organizations, RTF students build a solid foundation for launching their careers.

Students who are…

  • Active film/tv viewers
  • Analytical
  • Creating for TikTok & YouTube
  • Creative writers & storytellers
  • Engaged with their community
  • Fans of podcasts
  • Interested in photography and design
  • Opinionated about music
  • Organized
  • Passionate about sports
  • Problem solvers
  • Team players 


  • Broadcast Engineering
  • Film Directing & Producing
  • Live Multi-camera Directing
  • Media Analysis
  • Media Business
  • On-air Radio Personality
  • On-camera Talent
  • Podcasting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Social Media
  • Sports Play-by-Play Announcing
  • Video/Audio Production


  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Corporate & Freelance Production
  • Digital Content Creator
  • Editor
  • Filmmaker
  • Live Event Production/Management
  • Marketing/Public Relations
  • Media Producer
  • Radio/TV Broadcasting
  • Screenwriter
  • Sports Broadcasting 


Required 2.5 GPA in RTF Major to take upper-level courses
Required Courses, 16 credits (courses offered every semester)

RTF 114 – Intro to Media Aesthetics
RTF 115 – Understanding Media (XC)
RTF 120 – Intro to Audio/Radio
RTF 250 – Intro to Visual media
RTF 310 – History of Cinema, Radio & TV
RTF 325 – TV Practicum (1 cr) or RTF 326 Radio Practicum (1 cr)

Elective Courses, 22 credits including
6 credits, Media Studies Elective Courses (minimum)
3 credits, 400-level Elective Course (minimum)
12 additional credits in upper-level courses
See full list of classes and descriptions here.
Curriculum planning worksheets can be found on the advising page.

RTF majors are required to complete a minor or two certificates in other areas of study. Students may also complete a second major.

Compatible majors/minors

Communication Studies
Interactive Web Management
Music Industry

See a full list of certificates that UWO offers here.


Broadcast & Sports Media Production

  • RTF 306 Intro to Post-Production
  • RTF 320 Broadcast Station Operations
  • RTF 321 Studio Production
  • RTF 336 Special Topics: Sports Broadcasting
  • RTF 338 Promotional Media
  • RTF 352 News Production 
  • RTF 406 Advanced Post-Production 

Corporate & Social Media

  • RTF 250 Intro to Audio/Radio
  • RTF 305 Theory and Practice of New Media
  • RTF 306 Intro to Post-Production
  • RTF 338 Promotional Media
  • RTF 349 Audience Insights
  • RTF 364 Digital Communication & Design

Digital Cinema Production

  • RTF 306 Intro to Post-Production
  • RTF 341 Documentary Production
  • RTF 342 Narrative Production
  • RTF 343 The Art of Foley
  • RTF 344 Primetime TV Writing
  • RTF 350 Cinematography
  • RTF 406 Advanced Post-Production
  • RTF 415 From Netflix to Disney+
  • RTF 440 Advanced Visual Production

Critical Studies/Industry Studies

  • RTF 305 Theory and Practice of New Media 
  • RTF 335 Special Topics 
  • RTF 345 TV Development
  • RTF 347 Race, Class Gender (ES) (HU)
  • RTF 348 Art of Criticism
  • RTF 349 Audience Insights
  • RTF 415 From Netflix to Disney+>
  • RTF 425 Special Topics

To set up an appointment to discuss the opportunities in a Radio TV Film major, contact the RTF Department office at or (920) 424-3131.

Radio TV Film Department

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