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Ranger Challenge

Every fall there is an Annual Ranger Challenge Competition held at Fort McCoy, Wis. Ranger Challenge is a grueling, non-stop competition nick named “Fifteen hours of Pain” designed to provide the ultimate physical and mental challenge to our cadets.  

10-person teams from Army ROTC Departments across the Mid-West compete; those who make it to the final competition truly represent the best Army ROTC has to offer. ROTC members team up by school to match stamina, determination and military skills in an annual competition called the most demanding intercollegiate contact is the country.

“The Warrior Spirit- That’s what Ranger Challenge is all about.”  Battalion teams leave Ranger Challenge with strong bonds, sharp skills and a definite feeling of pride and accomplishment.

  • Orienteering 
  • Army Physical Fitness Test 
  • One-Rope Bridge 
  • Hand Grenade Assault Course 
  • Rifle Qualification 
  • Weapon Assembly/Disassembly 
  • Patrolling 
  • 10K Road March
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