Army ROTC Scholarships

Army ROTC is the single largest source of scholarship money in the United States. Each year, the Army awards millions of dollars in scholarships to thousands of deserving students nationwide.

Army ROTC scholarships are based on applicant merit, not financial need. Scholarship funding is available for students in 2, 3, or 4-year increments, depending on the time projected to graduate. High school seniors may compete for four-year scholarships. College freshmen and sophomores can apply for and be awarded either a Three or Two-year scholarship respectively.

In exchange for a commitment to ROTC training and agreeing to a subsequent appointment as a commissioned officer in the active Army, Army  Reserve or Army National Guard  the student is guaranteed the following scholarship benefits:

  • Cash stipend of $420 per month for a maximum of ten (10) months per school year.
  • Full tuition at any of the colleges within our battalion.
  • Room and board allowances at selected colleges for qualified students
  • Book fees to a maximum of $1,200 per year
  • Payment of any fees associated with course offerings.

High school students interested please create an account to fill out an application for a 4-year scholarship

On campus scholarship, applicants can contact us by filling our contact form.

Four-Year Scholarship

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