Life as a Cadet at UW Oshkosh

When you join the Army ROTC Fox Valley Battalion at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, you will not only experience college life in all aspects, but also prepare for a bright future alongside other motivated Cadets who have committed themselves to national service. Some of the experiences you will gain during your time with us as a Cadet are listed below.


Military Ball

About the Military Ball

This Military Formal is a chance for Cadets and Cadre to be recognized for their outstanding achievements. The formal consists of a guest speaker, dinner, awards ceremony and a dance. This is also a great opportunity for the cadets to introduce their friends and family to the Battalion.


Physical Training (PT)

About Physical Training

Battalion training sessions are planned and led by Cadets. The workout is designed to improve the overall physical fitness of Cadets and allowing them to gain experience planning, training and leading formations. 


Combat Water Survival Training (CWST)

About Combat Water Survival Training

Each semester Cadets participate in the Combat Water Survival Training Lab. This includes a 25 meter continuous-swim, jumping from the high dive (three meters) while blind folded with weapon in hand, swimming 15 meters in uniform while holding a weapon, jumping into the water and removing all gear while still submerged, and constructing a floatation device with the uniform pants.


Field Training Exercise (FTX)

About Field Training Exercise (FTX)

Every fall and spring the Fox Valley Army ROTC Battalion goes to Fort McCoy for a Field Training Exercise. We leave on Friday afternoon and return on Sunday afternoon. Cadets get the opportunity to practice all the skills they have learned to date: orienteering on the land navigation course, qualifying with the M16A2 Rifle, going through the Field Leader’s Reaction Course and the Confidence Course, rappel and many other activities.


Leadership Laboratory

About Leadership Laboratory

Every week the Battalion has a two-hour lab where the senior Cadets teach others a variety of different subjects, such as land navigation to first aid and tactical movement techniques. These labs are primarily hands-on training opportunities.

Your Future

Leadership is a quality few people are born with, yet so many have exhibited it throughout history. Perhaps no one has personified the true art of leadership more than the American Army officer.

Many of our most prominent leaders, people who have helped shape the course of world history, have served as Army officers. Army officers have proved that they rank among America’s bravest, brightest and best! Few careers combine a respect for tradition and responsibility for tomorrow as does that of the Army officer.

The military tradition of leadership and courage dates to the earliest times of recorded history. The Army tradition — DUTYHONORCOUNTRY — reflects the spirit which stretches back to the Continental Army. Today, the American Army officer is a leader of the greatest army in the world.



About the Code

Army officers are expected to live by and live up to a strict code of personal and professional conduct. In short, an Army officer must perform each duty as if his or her entire reputation depended on its successful completion.


Army Officers

About Army Officers

Army officers are well-trained professionals. They understand leadership enough to be selfless, willing to follow as well as lead and to contribute their success to the greater goal.


Cadet Creed

About Cadet Creed

I am an Army Cadet. Soon I will take an oath and become an Army Officer committed to defending the values, which make this nation great. Honor is my touchstone. I understand mission first and people always.

I am the past: the spirit of those warriors who have made the final sacrifice. I am the present: the scholar and apprentice soldier enhancing my skills in the science of warfare and the art of leadership.

But above all, I am the future the future warrior leader of the United States Army. May God give me the compassion and judgment to lead and the gallantry in battle to win. 
I will do my duty.



About Branches

A career as an Army officer will challenge you to lead others through varied situations.  The United States Army is categorized into a number of specialized branches; each with its own mission.

Each is then further designated as a combat arms, combat support or combat service support branch. Every branch is essential in realizing the completion of the Army’s mission.

If you decide to enter the military as an enlisted soldier or an officer, you will be guaranteed an exciting future in any of these branches. Choose from the following to receive a description of the respective branch and when possible, links to related home pages.


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