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Military Science Minor

UW Oshkosh ROTC offers a stand-alone Military Science minor.

Since Military Science advanced courses (302, 302, 401 and 402) are required for the minor (and only contracted cadets can enroll in those courses), realistically, only contracted cadets will be able to complete a Military Science minor.  

Contracted cadets are not required to obtain a minor in Military Science but if they choose to do so, it is available to them to pursue.  

Required Units (credits): 32 minimum

Required Courses

Military Science:

Military Science 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, 302, 401, 402

One of the following: Political Science 105 or 115.

Electives: Sufficient to meet the Minimum Requirement including these studies:
History: 367, 395, 398; Military Science 304, 305; Political Science 317.

Prior military service: Students who have at least 54 units (credits.), more than four months of active military duty and have completed Basic Training in any of the armed services may be allowed to enroll in the Advanced Course ROTC without taking any of the Basic Program courses.

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