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Military Science Program at UW Oshkosh

The ROTC program is divided into the Basic and Advanced program. Incoming students take one Military Science class and lab each semester.

Basic Program

Successful completion of the Basic Program is required prior to acceptance into the Advanced Program. Students without prior military service can earn Basic Program credit by attending a five-week CIET course (Cadet Initial Entry Training) prior to their junior year.

Prior service military members and current National Guard/Reserve soldiers who have completed Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training are credited with completion of the Basic Program. Interested Reserve/ National Guard soldiers can enroll in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) at the beginning of their junior year to increase their benefits and earn a commission in the Army.

Advanced Program

Advanced Program students continue their development with a leadership class and lab each semester during the Junior and Senior years. Students get to demonstrate their acquired skills during their leadership assessment at CLC or Cadet Leadership Course (all expenses paid plus a stipend) between their junior and senior year.

The assessment is used to assist in placing students who were selected into the Advanced Program and have committed to serving in the Active Army, National Guard or Army Reserve. They will serve on active duty for three to four years and complete the remainder of their obligation in the Guard, Reserve or Inactive Ready Reserves.

Provisions exist so individuals can be guaranteed assignment in the Army National Guard or Army Reserve after four to six months on active duty for training.

Specialized training is available to ROTC students

In the past, Fox Valley Battalion students attend internships (State Department), leadership training (Cadet Training Leadership Training), preceptor training (Nurses Summer Training Program) and adventure training (Airborne School, Air Assault School, Northern Warfare Training in Alaska, etc.,). Student travel expenses are paid while attending the training around the world (Germany, Alaska, Korea and the Continental U.S.).

Student life is enhanced through the friendship and teamwork stressed within the program. A dedicated cadre of instructors are available to assist the students. The student leadership in the ROTC program provides one-on-one mentorship to make the transition to college life easier.

Each university offers a wide variety of athletic, academic and social activities to the students. The Army ROTC program also offers additional opportunities (competitive marksmanship team, Ranger Challenge and social functions).

Contact Mr. Kent Sorensen at (920) 424-3417/3400

Admission Criteria

Admission into the advanced course is based on approval of the Military Science Department at UW Oshkosh. However, students with prior military service or four years of high school JROTC can be given equivalency credit for the basic course and allowed to proceed directly into the advanced course.

Likewise, other students are afforded a similar opportunity for the two-year program through National Leaders Training Course (basic camp), an accelerated six-week summer program in lieu of the basic course.

Though not required for completion of the program, all ROTC students are eligible to compete for two and three-year scholarships. The benefits afforded by a scholarship are up to full tuition, a monthly stipend as well as money to cover book expenses. Some schools also provide financial incentive to ROTC cadets.

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