Clow Hall S016

General access lecture style teaching lab

Technology Information


  • Teaching Station: 1 Dell OptiPlex computer with 20″ monitor
  • Student Stations: 34 Dell OptiPlex computers with 20″ monitors

Display(s): 1 NEC NP-PA521U projector

DVD/VHS/Blu-Ray: Blu-Ray supported

Document Camera: Wolfvision VZ-8Plus

Audio: Eight (8) recessed speakers

Laptop: Crestron Air Media, HDMI, & VGA connections

WiFi Available: Yes

Room Information

Capacity: 34

Furniture: Rolling chairs at stationary desks

Board(s): White board

Screen(s): Manual screen

Flooring: Vinyl flooring

Lectern: Height-adjustable desk

Podium: Yes

Clow Hall 016
Clow Hall 016
Clow Hall 016