On June 29, 2018, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) approved the joining of UW Oshkosh, UW-Fond du Lac and UW-Fox Valley.


The purpose of the joining is to expand access to higher education by offering more general education and upper-level courses, as well as identify and reduce barriers to transferring credits within the UW System. UW-Fond du Lac, UW-Fox Valley and UW Oshkosh share a rich history in partnership and collaboration—through academic articulation agreements, continuing education programming, resource sharing and more. An excellent foundation exists for this great new university.


Date ApprovedWorkgroup/DepartmentDecision
4/19/21Finance and AdministrationSalary Adjustment for Units Business Officer
4/19/21Finance and AdministrationUnfunded Pay Plan
4/19/21Finance and AdministrationAnnual Title Change and/or Title and Total Compensation Adjustments
4/19/21Special EventsShift Special Events Coordinator Funding to GPR/PR
4/19/21Finance and AdministrationShift Credit Producing Seg Fees to GPR
4/19/21Information TechnologyFaculty/Staff (Office/Work Location) Replacement and Rotation
4/19/21Academic AffairsMileage for faculty/staff travel to and from Oshkosh campus
4/19/21Academic Support of Inclusive ExcellenceFunding support for LGBTQ+ Programmatic Needs at Fox Cities and Fond du Lac Campuses
4/19/21Finance and AdministrationHiring of Associate Facilities Planner
4/19/21Academic AffairsShift International Program Coordinator (Fox Cities) from PR to GPR/PR
4/19/21Finance and AdministrationShift FDL Custodian Funding Source [Resolved FY21]
4/19/21Academic AffairsCreate International Program Coordinator at Fond du Lac Campus
4/19/21Finance and AdministrationElimination of use of PR funds for operations at FDL campus
4/19/21Student AffairsConstant Contact Annual License
4/19/21Information TechnologyClassroom AV Rotation and Replacement Plan
4/19/21Finance and AdministrationCampus Minimum Increases
4/19/21Academic AffairsAcademic Program Expansion for new initiatives
1/9/20Admissions/Student AffairsAdditional Application Processor
1/9/20Athletics/Student AffairsIncrease Student Life at the FDL Campus - Athletic Director
1/9/20Faculty & Staff/AcademicsStudent Opinion Surveys
1/9/20Financial Aid/Student AffairsFinancial Aid Process-Access Campuses and UWO
1/9/20Information TechnologyCase Associate Assignment
1/9/20Information TechnologyHelp Desk-Tier 1 Service
1/9/20Interventions/Student AffairsUniversity Compliance Position
1/9/20Risk Management/Finance & AdminHealth & Safety
1/9/20Services/AcademicsLibrary Budget for Access Campuses
1/9/20Services/Information TechnologyEmail and Calendaring
1/9/20Services/Information TechnologyAccess Campus Network Connection
1/9/20Student Services/Student AffairsAuxiliary group to sunset
1/9/20Student Services/Student AffairsIncrease Student Life at the FDL Campus - SA Solution Center
1/9/20Student Services/Student AffairsProfessional Skills Course at Access Campuses
1/9/20Student Support/AcademicsTutor Coordinator
1/9/20Student Support/AcademicsWomen's Center Services
1/9/20Systems/Information TechnologyTelephones
1/9/20Systems/Information TechnologySoftware Licensing
5/24/19Academic Affairs Emphasis for AAS on Access Campuses
5/24/19Information TechnologyAccess Campus Network Connection
5/24/19Information Technology Email and Calendaring
5/15/19Academic AffairsApproval Authority for Filling Existing Faculty Lines
5/15/19Academic Affairs Curriculum Array Authority and Purview
5/15/19Academic Affairs Emphasis for AAS on Access Campuses
5/15/19Academic Affairs Transition of Responsibilities of Load Assignments
5/15/19Student Support Services Developmental Reading on Access Campuses
5/15/19Student Support Services Extended Academic Skills Courses on Access Campuses
5/14/19Culture and IdentityUniversity Naming
2/11/19 Academic Affairs Enrollment Rules for Online Course Exchange
2/11/19Student AffairsStudent Organization Membership
2/11/19Student AffairsStudent Organization Membership
2/11/19GovernanceParking Appeals Committee
2/11/19GovernanceHealth and Safety Committee
2/11/19GovernanceRosebush Professor Review Committee
2/11/19GovernanceUniversity Staff Senate Bylaws and Representation
2/11/19GovernanceInstitutional Review Board
2/11/19GovernanceAmerican Disabilities Act Advisory Committee
2/11/19GovernanceEmployee Assistance Program Advisory Board
2/11/19GovernanceGender Equity Council
2/11/19GovernanceDistinguished Teaching Award
2/11/19GovernanceCompensation Committee
2/11/19AlumniAlumni Communications
12/18/18GovernanceAdvisory Council on Academic Advising
12/18/18Student AffairsSupervision/Oversight of Bookstores at FDL and FOX
12/18/18Interventions Conduct, Compliance and Behavioral Health
12/18/18GovernanceEthics Code Committee
12/18/18Academic AffairsMulticultural Retention Programs on Access Campuses
12/18/18GovernanceGraduate Council
12/18/18GovernanceHonorary Doctorate Degree Committee
12/18/18GovernanceInstitutional Animal Care and Use Committee
12/18/18GovernanceIntercollegiate Athletic Committee
12/18/18GovernanceLGBTQ Education and Advisory Council
12/18/18GovernanceRadiation Safety Committee
12/18/18Governance Reeve Advisory Council
12/18/18External AffairsPlan for Scholarship Transfers
12/18/18GovernanceStudent Government University Body
12/4/18AcademicsAdmissions Policy for Transit Students
12/4/18AlumniAlumni Outreach
12/4/18AcademicsInternational Student Support On All Campuses
12/4/18TraditionsWinter Celebration/Holiday Gatherings
12/4/18TraditionsRetirement and Length of Service Award
12/4/18Student AffairsDining at Fox and Fond du Lac Campuses
12/4/18Student AffairsResidence Halls on Fox and Fond du Lac Campuses
12/4/18Administrative ServicesParking at UW Oshkosh
12/4/18Student AffairsMulti Campus Handshake Implementation
9/19/18Culture and IdentityAthletics at Access Campuses
9/13/18Marketing and BrandingEmail Communications from UW Oshkosh to Access Campuses
n/aAcademicsDiploma Template
8/31/18Registrar's Sub-groupConferral Dates
8/31/18Sponsored ProgramsSponsored Programs
8/31/18AcademicsIRB Process
8/31/18AcademicsIBC Process
8/31/18Academics Advisory, Curriculum/Program ArrayCurrent UWC AAS Degree Deadlines
8/31/18Academics Advisory, Curriculum/Program ArrayFSCASL - Outcomes Assessment Plan for Associate's Degree Program at Access Campuses
8/31/18AcademicsAnimal Care
8/31/18AcademicsReceive course equivalencies by August to prepare for fall 2019-20
7/27/18University of Wisconsin SystemTimeline for submitting request for change to campus structure
7/27/18University of Wisconsin SystemAmended-Tuition and Fees for 2018-19 and 2019-20
7/6/18TraditionsChancellor's Campus Outreach at Access Campuses
7/6/18TraditionsOpening of Fall 2018 Semester
7/6/18TraditionsRecognition of New University
6/26/18TraditionsCommencement Ceremonies Fall 2018 and Spring 2019
5/16/18NamingModification to UW-Fond du Lac and UW-Fox Valley logo and tag lines
5/16/18NamingU.S. Department of Education Names

A New Direction for the University’s Visual Identity

Sent by Chancellor Andrew Leavitt May 31, 2019: Dear University Community, Earlier this month, I gave an update regarding the naming decision for all three campuses. Today I’m excited to share with you an evolution of the University’s visual identity. The lettermark...

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University Naming Work Group Recommendation and Decision

Sent by Chancellor Andrew Leavitt May 17, 2019: Dear University Community, After reviewing the findings of a multi-phase research project and considering other external factors, the Naming Work Group has made a recommendation to move forward with a single, unified UW...

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Victor Alatorre appointed UWO Restructuring project lead

Victor Alatorre from the Division of University Affairs has been appointed as the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s Restructuring project lead. Alatorre will help manage the ongoing work further connecting the three campuses of UW Oshkosh--UW Oshkosh, UW-Fond du Lac...

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