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Summary of Fields of Study

1. The Goal(s)

  • The Sociology program is guided by the following:
    • Vision: The UW Oshkosh Sociology Department is made up of faculty and staff who are energetically and effectively engaged in teaching, research and community building.  Sociology classes are rigorous, inclusive, inspiring, and well connected to the work outside the classroom.  Students develop sociological imagination while gaining enriching experiences and tangible skills that will lead to future success.  The university holds the department in high regard, and the surrounding communities recognize its value.
    • Mission: The UW Oshkosh Sociology Department provides a high quality, inclusive educational experience that challenges and prepares students to become engaged and effective members of their communities; engages in interesting and relevant scholarship; and interacts regularly with stakeholders from wider communities, producing valuable public sociology.

      To achieve these goals and reach the desired vision for the department the Sociology faculty developed a set of desired learning outcomes for its students.  Upon completion of the program, students will:
    • Understand the Scope and Content of Sociology
      • Develop their sociological imagination (the ability to relate personal troubles to public issues, connecting individual lives to what is happening in society).
      • Develop a sociological perspective that encompasses the distinctive concepts and paradigms of the field.
      • Develop an understanding of the intersectionality of the dimensions and interconnections of the important social, political, and economic inequalities in society.
    • Develop Critical Thinking and Research Skills
      • Develop proficiency in both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
      • Be able to identify key arguments of a published sociological study and to critique its theoretical framework, methodology, and findings.
      • Be able to effectively present research in written and oral form. Be able to design and complete a research project that illuminates a sociological topic through a comprehensive literature review, original analysis, and interpretation.
    • Practice Synthesis and Engagement
      • Be able to make meaningful connections between Sociology and the University Studies Program’s signature questions as well as the university’s Essential Learning Outcomes and Core Values.
      • Become public sociologists by using their sociological training to engage in the wider world.
    • Comment: The Sociology Department offers courses that encourage students to think more carefully about the social relationships they experience and observe. These courses aid the student in thinking more clearly about interpersonal relationships, social organization, the nature of modern society and how to put this knowledge into practice. New majors must be prepared for a challenging intellectual experience.

2. The Major(s)

    • The Department offers one major: 1) Sociology

3. The Minor(s)

    • The Department offers one minor(s): 1) Sociology

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