The Minor(s)

The Social Justice minor offers students two avenues to pursue their interest in social justice. First, students may choose one of the following prepared emphases of courses: 1) Prejudice and Discrimination, 2) Poverty, 3) Environment and Social Justice, 4) Human Rights, 5) Social Activism which offer a range of courses to choose from or students have the opportunity to construct, with the advice of the Social Justice Director and approval of the Social Justice Steering Committee, a program of study that addresses the specific aspects of social justice that concern them the most, such as "Women, Children, and Poverty", "Human Rights and the Law" or "The International Politics of Environmentalism". 

  • Required Units (crs.): 21 minimum

  • Required Courses: 6 credits

    • Social Justice 101 or 102, Introduction to Social Justice (3 cr.).

    • A capstone course (3 credits) chosen from a variety of appropriate upper division action research, service learning, honors thesis and seminar courses. Examples include Social Justice 366, 399, 446, Service Learning Independent Study (Interdisciplinary 366 or 367); Independent Study (Interdisciplinary 446); or their disciplinary counterparts.

  • Electives: 15 credits

    • Students can meet the requirements for the minor by choosing one of the five pre-approved sequences (see above) and completing the course work for the sequence. A wide variety of interdepartmentally cross-listed courses are available for elctive credit.

    • Students who choose to design their own emphasis must do so with the consultation and approval of the Social Justice Minor Director and Social Justice Minor Steering Committee. 

  • Comments:
    Students must earn at least a minimum grade of C in each course included in the minor. At least 12 credits in the Social Justice minor must be upper division (numbered 300 or above). Courses in the Social Justice minor may also be used to satisfy General Education requirements (no limit to the number of credits) or the requirements of other departmental majors and minors (up to a maximum of nine credits). A maximum of six credits (including the capstone course) from the Practical Applications category may be applied to the minor. For a list of approved Social Justice courses, please see the Social Justice web site at:

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