The Minor(s)

Women's and Gender Studies

    • Required Units (crs.): 21 minimum

    • Required Courses:

      • WMST 201 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (3)

      • WMST 435 Women’s and Gender Studies Senior Seminar (3)

    • Other Requirements: To graduate with a Women’s and Gender Studies minor, students must meet all requirements for the degree being sought, in addition to earning a minimum grade point average of 2.00 in all courses applied to their Women’s and Gender Studies minor.

    • Electives:
      For the remaining 15 unit (cr.) hours required to complete the minor, students may choose any combination of courses with the Women’s and Gender Studies (98) prefix. Courses approved to count toward the minor, but not officially cross-listed, may be included among these electives with a course modification form. Students who completed a cross-listed course under its departmental number rather than its Women’s and Gender Studies (98) number may include that course in their minor.

    • Comment: 
      Cross-listed courses used to satisfy the unit (cr.) requirements of the minor may also count toward a student’s major. Any Women’s and Gender Studies course approved as a general education course may be used for both the minor and toward fulfilling the appropriate general education requirement, where approved by General Education. Careful selection of courses can enable students to add a Women’s and Gender Studies specialization to their programs in ways that complement their majors particularly well.

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