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Course Offering(s)

Urban Planning   131                                           3 (crs.)

Introduction to Urban Studies (SS)(XS)

An introductory course which examines some of the major contemporary issues confronting American cities including crime, poverty, education, housing, transportation, and the environment. The course will draw on guest lecturers from government agencies.


Urban Planning   250                                           3 (crs.)

Urban Sustainability (SS)(XS)

The course focuses on issues of environmental sustainability within an urban context. Students will explore the definition of sustainability and examine methods to measure sustainability. The course will examine potentially sustainable solutions, such as urban growth boundaries, public transportation, and green buildings. The course will also consider questions, such as the differential impact of the pollution on disadvantaged population groups and on human health. Each student will complete a substantial community engagement project examining an aspect of urban sustainability in Oshkosh and document this experience in a term paper and group presentation to classmates and community representatives.


Urban Planning   260                                           3 (crs.)

Community Development (SS)(XS)

Community development, as its best, focuses on empowering community residents with the (civic) knowledge and skills that enable them to make an implement decisions about their future and the future of their community. It is a set of values and practices encouraging collective and collaborative work, equality and justice, learning and reflecting, participation, political awareness and sustainable change. Additionally, community development acknowledges and focuses on overcoming the divisions, social exclusions and discrimination that deter some people in communities from participating in activities and decision-making. Gaining an understanding how people understand and engage in community life will enable us to straighten our communities and enrich our lives. In this course students will actively engage in community development in Oshkosh. Students will assist neighborhood residents and organizations study their physical and social environment and collect data, generate information and increase their civic knowledge to enable residents to develop strategies which can improve the well-being of their children, families, and neighborhoods.


Urban Planning   300                                           3 (crs.)

Introduction to Urban Planning

An overview of urban planning including the history of planning, major types of planning techniques and theory, values of planners, and strategies for planning effectiveness. Prerequisites: Urban Planning 131, 250, or 260 and 45 credits earned. 300/500


Urban Planning   310                                           3 (crs.)

Comprehensive Planning

This course introduces students to the comprehensive urban planning process. Students will engage in data collection and analysis. Students will engage in data collection and analysis, and will critique existing comprehensive plans. Prerequisites: Urban Plng 300 and Geography 391 with a grade of C or better in both courses, Geography 471 (may be taken concurrently).


Urban Planning   317                                           3 (crs.)

Land Use Regulation

An overview of the purposes, theoretical and legal issues, tools, and techniques of land use planning and regulation. Prerequisites: Urban Planning 300/500 (may be taken concurrently with Urban Planning 317/517) 317/517


Urban Planning   320                                           3 (crs.)


An overview of urban housing including its recent history, the nature of the housing market, the impact of housing on society, government regulation and assistance, and new housing patterns.  Prerequisites: Urban Planning 300/500 (may be taken concurrently with Urban Planning 320/520)  320/520


Urban Planning   350                                           3 (crs.)

Planning History and Theory

This core course provides students with knowledge about the origins of urban planning and the ideas that justify its practice. Students will learn how the field has evolved over the last two centuries and how an appreciation for the recent history can enhance future plans. The course also provides an overview of theoretical frameworks and normative briefs that have shaped the field in crucial ways. Prerequisites: 12 credits of Urban Planning.


Urban Planning   351                                           3 (crs.)

Planning Seminar (SS)

Emphasis on application of theory to particular problems. Prerequisite: Urban Planning 300.


Urban Planning   360                                           3 (crs.)

Real Estate Development Process

This course introduces students to the process of real estate development. Students will gain knowledge of the role of real estate developers, financial institutions, and the public sector in the real estate development process. The course will acquaint students with the process of site selection, design and construction, financial analysis, and marketing of real estate. Prerequisites: Urban Planning 317 and Urban Planning 320.


Urban Planning   410                                           1-3 (crs.)

Special Topics

A seminar type course to suit special, one-time-only situations. Prerequisite: Urban Planning 300 with a grade of C or better.


Urban Planning   420                                           4 (crs.)

Site Planning Studio

This studio course in urban planning provides hands-on experience in developing a site plan. Using an actual site, a project will be taken through the various stages of plan development. Activities include program analysis, data collection, development of alternative solutions, and selection and presentation of a final site plan. Special fees may apply. Prerequisites: Urban Planning 317 and consent of instructor; strongly recommended: Geography 371 or Practical Arts 102 or Theatre 203.


Urban Planning   425                                           3 (crs.)

Computer Uses in Urban Analysis

Students will gain a knowledge of electronic data processing and analytical skills appropriate to entry level requirements in urban management positions, in particular analyses and effective display of socio-economic trends and other types of data. Case studies utilized. Prerequisites: Urban Planning 131, Geography 391 with a grade of C or better, Geography 471 (may be taken concurrent with Urban Planning 425).


Urban Planning   446                                           1-3 (crs.)

Independent Study

See Independent Study under Course and Academic Advisement Policies information for general course description, general prerequisites, and proper contract form requirements. Prerequisite: Urban Planning 351 with a grade of B or better.


Urban Planning   456                                           1-3 (crs.)

Related Readings

See Related Readings under Course and Academic Advisement Policies information for general course description, general prerequisites, and proper contract form requirements. Prerequisites: Urban Planning 350 and Urban Planning 351 with a grade of B or better in both courses.


Urban Planning   471                                           1-3 (crs.)

Field Experience

Introduces students to a wide variety of government units and individuals; improves writing skills. Weekly assignments are based on reports of meetings attended which are critiqued on the basis of form and content. Prerequisite: Urban Planning 351 with a grade of C or better.


Urban Planning   474                                           3 (crs.)

Honors: Thesis

Honors thesis projects include any advanced independent endeavor in the student's major field of study, e.g., a written thesis, scientific experiment or research project, or creative arts exhibit or production. Proposals (attached to Independent Study contract) must show clear promise of honors level work and be approved by a faculty sponsor. Course title for transcript will be 'Honors Thesis.' Completed projects will be announced and presented to interested students and faculty. Maximum of 6 units (crs.). Prerequisite: University Honors status and 100 credits towards degree.


Urban Planning   480                                           1-6 (crs.)

A work experience in which students' work about thirty hours per unit (cr.) under the direct supervision of a person engaged in some phase of urban and regional planning and management. Prerequisite: Urban Planning 351 with a grade of C or better.

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