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Admission/Graduation Requirements

  • There is no formal admission process for this major. However, Medical Technology majors are required to work closely, on an ongoing basis, with the Medical Technology Office. Careful course sequencing and academic advisement are critical to students' successful completion of this major.

  • Students attending other universities and considering a transfer to UW Oshkosh to major in Medical Technology should contact the Program Director for advice on course selection and the timing of their transfer. The application process for the senior clinical year begins near the end of the sophomore year and is completed early in/or prior to the beginning of the junior year. Because the clinical internship placement process is annual, missing just one required course can result in a yearlong delay in the completion of the major. Students, transfers or those changing majors, should contact the Program Director as soon as they begin to seriously consider the Medical Technology major. This will help to make the transition as seamless as possible.

  • In order to graduate with a Medical Technology major, students must be selected for a clinical practicum by one of our affiliated hospital schools of Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science. Selection into the clinical program is a competitive process based upon grade point average at the end of the sophomore year, letters of recommendation and personal interviews. A grade point average in excess of 3.2 is recommended for a student to be competitive in the placement process for the clinical practicum. Students with a grade point average of less than 2.75 will be considered on an individual basis. Majors must make application for the clinical year through the Medical Technology Program. Note: Majors are required to undergo a criminal background check, mandated by state statute, as part of the selection process for their clinical practicum.

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