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Admission/Graduation Requirements

  • To be eligible for graduation, students must meet all requirements for the degree being sought in addition to earning a minimum grade point average of 2.00 in all courses required for the International Studies major or Area Studies minor.

  • All students majoring in International Studies are required to complete 36 units (crs.) in the major, which include: 

    1) Required Courses (6 crs.), 2) Emphasis/Specialization (15 crs.), 3) Elective Courses (15 crs.)

  • For a complete list of courses that fulfill each emphasis or specialization, please see course lists below.

  • Within their emphasis and elective courses, a maximum of nine credits of introductory classes (100-200 level) may be counted towards the 36 credit requirement.

  • Students must include one course from at least four disciplines specified from Course List 2 in their 36 unit (cr.) major.

  • Foreign language requirement - All International Studies majors are also required to complete the foreign language requirement for the University's Bachelor of Arts Degree, in addition to the 36 required units (crs.) of International Studies courses. See the University degree requirements for details.

  • NOTE: Students enrolled in all tracks of the International Studies major are strongly advised to consult regularly with their advisor during programming each term. Such sessions will enable advisors to assist enrolled majors in making appropriate choices from available courses to assure that they meet all requirements of the International Studies major and include the required prerequisites for core courses.

  • Because of the numerous tracks within International Studies and the choices each offers there is no such thing as a "typical program of study”. Students enrolled in the International Studies Program may obtain sample programs of study, for each emphasis offered, from the International Studies office or at:, but consultation with an advisor is essential due to the individual planning involved within the International Studies major.

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