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Admission/Graduation Requirements

A. Requirements for the Admission to the Criminal Justice Major:

  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or greater upon a minimum of 30 units (crs.) will be required for acceptance in the Criminal Justice Major. The 30 units (crs.) must include:

    • Criminal Justice 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice Process 3 cr. (or 103 and permission from Criminal Justice Coordinator.

    • WBIS/English 101 College English I 3 cr.

    • Mathematics requirement 3 cr.

    • Natural Science requirement 4 cr.

  • Units (crs.) earned by students who have transferred to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh will be included and evaluated on the same basis as units (crs.) earned at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

B. Requirements for Maintenance of Criminal Justice Major Status:

  • Criminal Justice majors are expected to maintain a 2.5 grade point average or higher overall and a 2.75 grade point average or higher in their Criminal Justice courses; this includes courses taught by other academic units that are designated electives and/or requirements in the Criminal Justice Major.

  • Students expecting to enter and be retained in the Criminal Justice Major must complete their College English I and their General Education Mathematics requirements by the time that they have completed 60 unit (cr.) hours.

  • Students who fail to maintain the required standards will automatically be placed on probation. If they do not meet the required standards after one active term they will be dropped from the Program. They may apply for readmission to the Program only after they comply with Program standards. They may apply for readmission only once.

C. Graduation Requirements for a Criminal Justice Major:

  • For a student to graduate with a Criminal Justice major, the student must meet all University, College and Criminal Justice Major requirements; also the Criminal Justice major must possess a 2.50 grade point average on all academic course work and a 2.75 grade point average in all courses that count toward the major, with grades "C" or better.

  • Exceptions to these provisions may be granted by the Admissions Committee of the Criminal Justice Program.

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