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Admission/Graduation Requirements

  • Application Deadlines:

    • June 15, Fall Semester

    • January 5, Spring Semester

  • Unit (cr.) Requirement: Student must have completed a minimum of 54 units (crs.) to be eligible for admission to the College of Business.

  • Grade Point Requirement: 2.50 cumulative (combined) grade point average is required at 54 units (crs.).

  • Pre-core Course Requirements: The following courses must be completed prior to seeking admission to the college. A minimum 2.50 grade point average is required for these courses and a grade of C or better must be earned in:

    • Business: Business 206, 207, 284

    • Economics: Economics 204, 206, 210

    • Mathematics: Mathematics 171 or both 204 and 206

  • Additionally, each student must submit an essay explaining his or her reasons for selecting a major in business, and must participate in a series of activities to explore business careers and develop professional skills. (See the College web site for a list of approved activities and further descriptions of the essay).

  • Comment:

    Students will graduate with the bulletin year in effect for their major at the time of admission to the College.

  • Business Scholars Program:

    High achieving First Year students and transfer students may be accepted into the Business Scholars Program if they meet two of the following standards;

    1.  27 ACT or higher

    2.  High School GPA of 3.75 or higher

    3.  High School rank in the top 10% of their graduating class

    Transfer students within the first 30 credits may also be admitted early if they meet the above standards and have a college GPA of 3.2 or higher

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