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Required Core Courses


  • Chemistry 105 General Chemistry I 5 cr.

  • Chemistry 106 General Chemistry II 5 cr.

  • Chemistry 234 Organic Chemistry I Lab 1 cr.

  • Chemistry 235 Organic Chemistry I 3 cr.

  • Chemistry 311 Analytical Chemistry I  3 cr.

  • Chemistry 334 Organic Chemistry II Lab 1 cr.

  • Chemistry 335 Organic Chemistry II 3 cr.

  • Chemistry 490 Seminar 0.5 cr. (for two semesters for a total of 1.0 credits)


  • Mathematics 171 Calculus I or Mathematics 175 Honors: Calculus 4 cr.


  • Physics 109 and 110.


The 22 units (crs.) of Math and Physics courses in the core are not counted as part of the required minimum units (crs.) for any of the emphases/options.

All senior Chemistry majors are to enroll for two semesters of seminar (Chemistry 490). Honors Thesis (Chemistry 474) can be used to replace the Chemistry Seminar (Chemistry 490) requirement providing that, a) the topic of Honors Thesis is in the field of chemistry, b) the student attends Chemistry Seminar for two semesters and c) the student presents his/her oral Thesis Seminar in the Chemistry Seminar program.

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