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The Major(s), with Emphases and/or Options

Sociology Major

Recommended for students who seek a broad social science background at the bachelor’s level as preparation for graduate work and employment in a wide variety of occupations in both the public and private sector (including teaching, general management, the helping professions, survey and market research, law and health care administration), as well as graduate work in sociology, other social sciences, counseling, business administration and urban planning.

  • Required Units (crs.): 38 minimum

  • Required Courses:

    • Sociology: Sociology 203, 281, 303, 305, 381, 481

    • Interdisciplinary Studies: Interdisciplinary Studies 209

    • At least two of the following courses: Sociology 331, 347, 359, 368

    • ETS Major Field Test in Sociology

  • Electives: Sufficient courses from the Department's offerings in Sociology to meet the Minimum Requirement.

  • Note: No more than three credits of the 38 credit Minimum Requirement for the major can come from arranged courses (Sociology 309, 446, 456, 467).

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