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Summary of Fields of Study

1. The Goal(s)

    • Students will be challenged to become increasingly sophisticated in the formulation and application of sociological analyses. Building upon this principle, the curricular goals of the Sociology Department are that sociology majors will:
    • Understand the complex character of social reality.
    • Comprehend the interdependent influence of culture and social structure.
    • Analyze society at the macroscopic and microscopic levels.
    • Comprehend the reciprocal relationship between individuals and society.
    • Become aware of the internal diversity of American society and its place in the international context.
    • Obtain competence in the use of basic concepts in sociology.
    • Understand and appreciate the role of core concepts and theories in sociology.
    • Establish methodological competence.
    • Study selected areas in depth.
    • Identify implications and applications of sociological principles by means of internships or research projects.
    • The Sociology Faculty endorses teaching and learning strategies, which result simultaneously in the attainment of these curricular goals and the following specific skills:

      • The ability to think critically and analytically about social situations, problems and issues.

      • The ability to identify and analyze value orientations in social relations and institutions.

      • The ability to effectively adapt appropriate methodological strategies to specific problems and contexts.

      • The ability to use computers appropriately and effectively in the conduct of sociological analysis.

      • The ability to appropriately and effectively use basic statistics.

      • The ability to appropriately and effectively use basic observational and interpretive skills.

      • The ability to communicate the results of sociological analysis clearly and effectively.

        • Comment: The Department of Sociology offers courses that encourage students to think more carefully about the social relationships they experience and observe. These courses aid the student in thinking more clearly about interpersonal relationships, social organization, the nature of modern society and how to put this knowledge into practice. New majors must be prepared for a challenging intellectual experience.

      2. The Major(s)

        • The Department offers one major: 1) Sociology.
        • Completion of the Sociology major fulfills the Ethnic Studies requirement.

      3. The Minor(s)

        • The Department offers two minor(s): 1) Sociology; and 2) Sociology - Elementary Education

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