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The Minor(s)


Recommended for students who wish to add a minor in History to a related major such as Anthropology, Art, Business Administration, Communication, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Environmental Science, Foreign Languages, Geography, International Studies, Political Science, Religious Studies or Women's Studies.

  • Required Units (crs.): 24 minimum

  • Required Courses:

    Students must take four core courses.  They may meet this requirement either by taking all four Core Survey Courses or by taking three courses from this list and one from the Topics Survey Courses below.

    Core Survey Courses:

      • History 101 Early Civilization 3 cr.

      • History 102 Modern Civilization 3 cr., or History 103 Honors: Modern Civilization 3 cr.

      • History 201 U.S. History to 1877 3 cr. or History 204 Honors: U.S. History to 1877

      • History 202 Modern U.S. Since 1877 3 cr. or History 203 Honors: Modern U.S. History Since 1877

       Topic Survey Courses:

    • History 110: Topics in the History of Modern Civilization: Optional Content (3 credits)

    • History 205: Topics in the Early History of the United States: Optional Content (3 credits)

  • Other Requirements:

    • One 300-level course from American History.

    • One 300-level course from European History.

    • One 300-level course from Non-Western History.

  • Electives: Sufficient courses from the Department's offerings to meet the Minimum Requirement

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