The College of Letters and Science is the liberal arts college at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. It is the largest and most varied academic unit in the University with more than 335 faculty offering courses in 37 different majors as well as in general education.

The philosophy of the College is that a liberal arts education transcends preparation for specific careers. A liberal arts education prepares students to be responsible citizens who understand and contribute to the changing world in which they live. It exposes students to a broad spectrum of knowledge about the human experience and the natural world, from contemporary science to literature, music and art. It enhances the skills of communication and critical thinking. It challenges students to appreciate their cultural heritage, to be sensitive to diverse traditions and opinions and to value truth. It encourages students to develop a lifelong commitment to inquiry. In sum, a liberal arts education develops the whole person who values knowledge for its own sake as well as for the achievement of narrower objectives.

The general education program of the University offered within the College consists of courses designed to provide the knowledge, insights and skills common to all educated persons. These courses stress skills in critical thinking and communicating and introduce students to the humanities, fine and performing arts, natural sciences and social sciences. Normally, students complete the 42-unit (cr.) general education program during their first and second years.

Majors and minors offered in the College provide a broad range of choice for students. Majors are selected by students not only because they prepare students for careers, but also because they encourage students to be active, inquiring, adaptive and sensitive people throughout their lives. Students are challenged by a nationally recognized faculty committed to excellence in teaching, research and service.

In addition to their major, students also select the degree they wish to obtain. Students who select the Bachelor of Arts degree study a foreign language in addition to the general education program and the major. Students who select the Bachelor of Science degree take more courses in natural science and mathematics. Students majoring in Art, Music or Social Work receive degrees specific to the major.

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