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African American Studies



Norlisha Crawford, Director 

Department Office: Sage Hall 3465
Department Telephone: (920) 424-0939

Code 23 or AF AM ST

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Cannon Maguire
Carrell McFadden
Crawford McWilliams
Davis Murphy
Dingledine Ngaboh-Smart
Donath Park
Eichler-Levine Rensing
Gray Ridgely
Heider Rindo
Kercher Robinson 
Krueger M. Rutz
Kuhl S. Rutz
Landry Slagter
Lenza Wu


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  • Undergraduate: In combination with a major, the African-American Studies minor can lead to a baccalaureate degree.

  • Graduate: None

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Summary of Fields of Study

Summary of Fields of Study

  1. Goal(s)

  • The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh offers an undergraduate minor in African American Studies. Students who choose the minor will study issues, ideas and experiences related to the history, culture, socio-economic and political lives of African Americans. While the specific programmatic focus of the minor is the United States, students also may choose from courses that suggest obvious connections as well as important distinctions that exist between African America, African nations and other parts of the African Diaspora.

    The AAS minor complements any major study emphasis.
  • The Major(s)

    • None

  • The Minor(s)

    • The program offers one minor(s): African American Studies.

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    Admission/Graduation Requirements

    Admission/Graduation Requirements

    To be eligible for graduation, students must meet all requirements for the degree being sought in addition to earning a minimum grade point average of 2.00 in all courses required for the African American Studies minor. For additional information, refer to the African American Studies website: .



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    Required Core Courses

    Required Core Courses

    See Minors section.

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    The Major(s), with Emphases and/or Options

    The Major(s), with Emphasis and/or Options


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    The Minor(s)

      The Minor(s)

      African American Studies Minor

        Recommended for humanities and social science majors.

        Required Units (crs.): 21 minimum
        Required Courses:

          • African American Studies: African American Studies 100

          • History: History 385

          • English: English 219 or 229

          • 3-6 units (crs.) from Group A: 100% focus on AAS content:

            • African American Studies 395
            • English 319, 371
            • Religious Studies 285
          • 3-6 units (crs.) from Group B:  50% focus on AAS content:

            • African American Studies 396

            • Music 215, 216

            • Political Science 304

          • 3 units (crs.) optional from Group C: 

            • African American Studies 397

            • Anthropology 322

            • Geography 353, 354

            • History 359, 360

            • Study Tours to Africa may also count toward this option, with consent of Director

          • Optional Courses for the AAS minor

            (3-6 credits may be earned from this category)

            In order to enhance the menu of subject areas from which AAS credits may be earned, AAS partners with professors and AAS minors to customize courses that are not cross-listed but have some AAS content. If a given course does not include the 50% minimum required for earning AAS credits, specific arrangements must be made to increase the AAS content. Prior to taking customized and service learning courses, the AAS minor must receive approval in writing from the AAS Director for earning AAS credits.

              • African American Studies 366, 446
              • Communication 318, 347
              • English 218

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          Course Offering(s)

          Course Offerings

          African American Studies   100                        3 (crs.)

          Introduction to African American Studies (HU) (ES)
          An interdisciplinary survey introduction to some of the major individuals, texts and issues that suggest the complex history and culture that have evolved over time among African Americans in the United States.

          African American Studies   101                        3 (crs.)

          Introduction to African American Studies
          A survey of ideas, issues and traditions related over time to the experiences of people of black American ancestry in the United States.


          African American Studies   366                          1-3 (crs.)

          Service Learning Field Study
          In this course, students will apply their African American Studies education to service activities in the community, under the supervision of an individual at the site and a member of the faculty or academic staff. Students will volunteer for a certain number of hours per week depending upon the number of credits they will receive. Students will also write reflective papers that connect their service experiences with relevant readings. Service activities must be relevant to African American Studies. Prerequisites: Instructor permission and six hours of African American Studies course credit. 

          (Note: The general prerequisites for Independent Study/Related Readings are waived for this course).

          African American Studies   395                        3 (crs.)

          Special Topics A: Optional Content
          Special Topics A courses focus solely on African American Studies. The course may be repeated once with different content.


          African American Studies   396                        3 (crs.)

          Special Topics B: Optional Content
          Special Topics B courses focus in part on African American Studies, with significant portion of students' coursework devoted to African American Studies. The course may be repeated once with different content.


          African American Studies  397                           3 (crs.)

          Special Topics C: Optional Content
          Special Topics C courses focus solely on African American Studies.


          African American Studies   446                          1-3 (crs.)

          Independent Study
          See Independent Study under Course and Academic Advisement policies information for general course description, general prerequisites and proper contract form requirements.

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