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UW Oshkosh Academic Amnesty Policy

Under this policy prior grades may be excluded from the computation of a student’s official cumulative grade point average.

  1. (a) Transfer, re-entry, or transfer re-entry students seeking admission or readmission to UW Oshkosh who have not earned a baccalaureate degree may be eligible for exclusion of grades, not credits or courses, earned five or more years prior to their current term of admission as a degree seeking student. This policy does not apply to graduate programs.
    (b) If a student is not eligible for admission to the University with her/his incoming GPA, the student may make a formal written application to an Admissions Standards Consideration Team (ASCT) to invoke Academic Amnesty. The ASCT consists of a faculty member, an admissions officer, an academic advisor, and a Dean. The student needs to provide reasons for previous performance and information about current educational plans. The ASCT will assess the student’s record and application and consult with the student to determine the best course of action.
  2. Students who are admissible to the University are eligible to apply for application of this policy no later than the end of their first semester at UW Oshkosh.
  3. A student can apply for and receive Academic Amnesty only once. The decision of the ASCT is final. There is no appeal process.
  4. If Academic Amnesty is granted, all courses and grades taken during an identified academic term(s) five years before admission/readmission will continue to appear on the student’s record. If multiple terms are included in the granting of Academic Amnesty, the terms must be continuous. If granted, the grades of all classes in that term(s) will be excluded in the official GPA.The computation of the student’s official cumulative GPA will not include the excluded grades. Credit hours earned with a 1.0 (D) or better may be used to satisfy degree requirements, even though they are not included in the student’s official GPA. Academic Amnesty does not adjust the GPA and number of credits attempted and counted toward Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid.
  5. Academic Amnesty applies to admission to the University, not to particular programs. The colleges retain ultimate authority to determine admission to the college. Likewise, colleges retain the right to limit the number of repeated courses. If, after the successful granting of an Academic Amnesty application, a student achieves eligibility for admission to a program, a college cannot reject that student’s eligibility for admission.
  6. All other University policies (for example, UWO Repeat Policy) remain in effect and are not changed by the Academic Amnesty policy. Only the official GPA will be considered for eligibility for graduation honors.

*At the time of implementation of this proposal, currently enrolled students who wish to apply for amnesty on grades earned five or more years prior to their current admission as a degree-seeking student will have up to 2 semesters after the effective date of the implementation of the Academic Amnesty Proposal to be considered. This is a one-time-only opportunity for students enrolled at the time of implementation of this proposal. Current students have until the end of the Spring 2006 term to appeal for amnesty. Amnesty will not be reflected until the Fall 2005 semester (September 7, 2005).

UW Oshkosh Repeat Policy

Effective Fall 2021

Students may register to repeat courses to improve their grade(s) on a space available basis at the time they are scheduled to register. However, students should check with their advisor to find out if their major has additional regulations on course repeats. Each course may be repeated only once. Students may appeal that restriction through the Department or College which offers the course.

Each course may be repeated only once. Students may appeal that restriction with the department offering the course.

Students may only repeat a course if they have received a grade lower than a C. The best grade awarded will be used in the computation of grade point averages and credit earned. If a student repeats a course and earns a lower grade, the higher grade will be used in the computation of grade point averages. Although grades earned at other post-secondary institutions will be included on the credit evaluation and on the official transcript, the official UW Oshkosh grade point average is not affected by grades earned elsewhere (See Official Grade Point Policy). Undergraduate courses repeated after graduation will not change the undergraduate official grade point average.

Note: Although TitanWeb will allow registration for all repeats of courses, students may only repeat courses in which they received a grade lower than a C. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of this policy and to adhere by the rules. Courses repeated with a C or higher will not be counted in any University academic requirements and flagged as such on the transcript. Any request to repeat a course with a C or higher, needs to be appealed to the appropriate college and approved before registration in the course. Students are responsible for any fees associated with repeated courses dropped due to lack of appeal.

Note: Courses that are repeatable for credit may not be repeated to improve a student’s grade point average unless content is the same in both courses.  Appeals must be approved prior to registering for the course.

Graduate Students should contact their program coordinator or the Graduate Studies Office if they have questions about the applicable repeat policy for graduate students.


Change of Campus


UWO Campuses Student Guest Form


Registration Forms

Add/Drop Calendar

Use this form to add or drop courses when additional approval is needed.

Use this form when enrolling in Internships, Research courses, Thesis courses or other collaborative courses with instructor consent.

Use this contract when enrolling in Independent Studies or Related Readings with instructor consent.



Change of Address

To Update an Address Using Titan Web

  • Log on to Titan Web and click the Address link under Personal Information
  • A list of your addresses on record with the university will display, with alternative links to make address changes at the bottom of the page
    • If you want all of your university correspondence to go to the same address, click on the Home Address Link at the bottom of the page.
    • To add a local address, click Add a New Type of Address link and proceed.

To Delete an Address Using Titan Web

  • Follow steps 1 and 2 above
  • A link to delete an address will appear only when you have local  address.
  • You can not delete a home or dormitory address.


Change of Name


Other Student Forms

  • Credit Overload Form-2022 (PDF Form)
  • Graduation Application
    • Apply for Graduation through Titan Web. From the Student Center go to the My Academic’s page and use the Apply for Graduation link.
  • Residency Appeal Forms
    • Please email the  for information.

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