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Adviser STAR FAQs

How do I view and/or print a STAR?

To view and print a STAR On-line follow these steps:

  1. Log onto Titan Web
  2. Follow this path: Learning Management> Advisement > View Advisee List Or Drop in Advisee
  3. Click on the down arrow next to "Student Information" and click the "GO" button
  4. Select "View STAR On-line"
  5. Click on the Request button
  6. Wait 30 seconds for the report to process
  7. Click on Check Status button
  8. If the report has been processed it will display to your screen
  9. To print click on the printer icon in your Internet browser or go to File> Print

Link to detailed instructions

Can Macintosh users access STAR online?

STAR On-line requests will be made through Titan Web and the processing will run on a server in the IT department, so Mac users will have the same access as PC users. The process will be similar to requesting unofficial transcripts through Titan Web

Are STAR’s printed and mailed to students and to departments?

STAR’s are not mailed to students. Departments may request them if necessary but they are encouraged to generate their own as the information is more timely. 

Do faculty need to print STAR’s for their advisees?

No. It is the students’ responsibility to bring a current copy of their STAR with them to advising sessions. 

Will faculty be able to request their departmental support staff to print off their advisees’ STAR's? 

The expectation is that students will produce their own STAR. Faculty and staff who are not advisors will not automatically be given access to STAR On-line. However, these people will be able to request security access to run STAR's On-line as needed through regular security request methods. 

What security will control access to STAR Online?

Students and staff will request STAR On-line through Titan Web accounts, which will authenticate user access. Students and advisors have STAR On-line access automatically assigned to their security in Titan Web. Other staff may request access thorough Titan Admin using the regular security access request procedures.

Can departments obtain a batch of hard copy STAR’s for all students in their department?

The STAR request page available through Titan Admin will allow the entry of multiple Student ID numbers to be submitted at one time. The results will display to the screen or could be printed as a batch.

If a batch is needed, the Registrar’s Office will collect some basic information on why the department needs the batch with the request. By collecting this information with the batch request, we hope that once we are past the initial rollout, we can help departments find better ways to get the data that they need. However, if the hard copies are needed, batches can be provided.

What will I do if I have a technical problem or see a problem in a STAR?

If the problem is technical such as login problem or Request STAR On-line does not appear on your menu in Titan Web, contact the Helpdesk to report the problem. (Phone 424-3020, email , Room 207 Dempsey)

If the problem is within the audit itself, you can report the problem via a special e-mail, You may also contact the appropriate Credit Examiner

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