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Prospective Students

If you are not currently attending UW Oshkosh but want to register as an undergraduate degree-seeking student, please visit the Admissions website for information on how to apply to the University. After you are admitted, come back to this page for all the resources you’ll need to register for classes.

Graduate Students

If you are registering for graduate level courses, please visit the Office of Graduate Studies website at or call (920) 424-1223.

Registration Toolkit

If you are a degree-seeking undergraduate student who is currently admitted, follow the instructions below beginning with the Pre-Registration section.


Preparing to Register

Degree-seeking students are encouraged to meet with their advisor prior to their enrollment date. Use the resources below to assist in finding your advisor and scheduling an appointment.

Find Your Assigned Advisor
Scheduling Advising Appointment
Navigate Appointment Summary
Academic Advisement Report

These resources will help you find information in TitanWeb to assist you in planning for registration.

View your Enrollment Date & Time
Print Course History
Holds in Titan Web

Pre-Registration Tips

Be sure to familiarize yourself with these tips as you prepare to register:

  • Check Titan Web for service indicators/holds that you must resolve before you can register, such as financial obligations. Take the necessary action to have holds that prevent enrollment removed from your record. Students should contact the department that placed the service indicator/hold in order to clear their record.
  • If it is your first semester at UWO you must complete two tasks to be eligible to register for the next term. If these tasks are not completed you will have a hold on your TitanWeb account that prevents enrollment until the tasks are completed.
  • ALL students must complete the Financial Agreement from the To Do List in TitanWeb to be eligible to register for the upcoming term. Once completed, the hold will be removed.
  • Other common holds include Academic Hold on UG Enrollment, Departmental Advising, and Financial Obligation.
  • Check the Class Search on Titan Web to develop a list of classes that you want to take.
  • Consult the fee/refund schedule for information about refunds and charges. Withdrawal does not remove the obligation for costs incurred by a student during the semester. Questions should be directed to Student Accounts, Dempsey 236, (920) 424-1332.

Taking Classes After Applying to Graduate

You have applied to graduate but have changed your mind and want to move your graduation date to a term further out in the future and continue to take classes until then. You must notify your graduation examiner ( of the change in writing and then you will be given the ability to register for terms after your original graduation date.

Registering for Classes

Use the resources linked below to learn about how to navigate TitanWeb and use its various tools for creating and editing your class schedule.

Use Titan Web to register for all classes except those requiring assistance from the Registrar’s Office.

Adding Courses

Register Using College Scheduler

Add a Course in Titan Web
Add a Multi-Component Course in Titan Web
Add a J-term or May-term Course in Titan Web 

Common Enrollment Errors

Titan Web Enrollment Shopping Cart

Use the Add/Drop Card/Late Add/Time Conflict to register for a class:

  • if a signature is required to enroll in that particular course
  • if you are taking the course for audit,
  • if you are registering for two courses that conflict in time,
  • or if there are any other additional reasons you need a signature to add a course.

Navigating Waitlists

If a class is full, you may be able to join a waitlist. Learn more with the resources below:

Waitlist a Course
Enroll from a Waitlist

Dropping Courses

If you would like to remove a course from your schedule, there are two TitanWeb functions available to you. Drop will remove a course without replacing it. Swap will allow you to attempt to replace one course with a second course—and if adding the second course fails for any reason, you will not lose your place in the original course.

Drop a Course in Titan Web
Swap Courses in Titan Web

Students should check for deadlines in the registration calendar before dropping classes. If the class is the student’s only class, contact the Registrar’s Office at (920) 424-3454.

If a student wants to drop a class after these deadlines, she/he must complete a Request for Late Drop Form. For the Colleges of Business, Education and Human Services, and Nursing, this form requires the signature of the appropriate Assistant Director Academic Advising. The Academic Affairs Officer must sign this form for the College of Letters and Science. Graduate students must have the form signed by the Program Coordinator and the Coordinator of Graduate Studies in the Graduate School.

After You Have Registered

If you have followed the instructions in the Pre-Registration and Registration sections, then you are all set. It is wise to double-check your class schedule at this point.

View Your Class Schedule

Be sure to also go back and look at your Academic Advisement Report to ensure that the courses you enrolled in are showing up in the correct categories. If you have any questions, reach out to your academic advisor for assistance.

Withdrawing from the University

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Mailing Address

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Registrar's Contact

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