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UW Oshkosh Repeat Policy

Students may repeat courses to improve their grade(s) on a space available basis at the time they are scheduled to register. They will no longer need to wait until 30 days before the term begins. However, students should check with their advisors to find out if their major has additional regulations on course repeats.

Each course may be repeated only once. Students may appeal that restriction with the department offering the course. 

Students may only repeat a course if they have received a grade lower than C (less than 2.00). The most recent grade awarded will be used in the computation of grade point averages and credit earned. If a student repeats a course and earns a lower grade, the lower grade will be used in the computation of grade point averages. Although grades earned at other post-secondary institutions will be included on the credit evaluation and on the official transcript, the official UW Oshkosh grade point average is not affected by grades earned elsewhere (refer to the Official UW Grade Point Policy). Undergraduate courses repeated after graduation will not change the undergraduate cumulative grade point average.

Note: Although Titan Web will allow registration for all repeats of courses, students may only repeat courses with grades lower than a C (less than 2.00). It is the student's responsibility to be aware of this policy and to adhere by the rules. Courses repeated with a C or higher will not be counted in any University academic requirements and flagged as such on the transcript. Any request to repeat a course with a C or higher (including Incomplete (I), Pass (P), Satisfactory (S) or In Progress (IP),) needs to be appealed to the appropriate college and approved before registration of the course.

Students should be aware that they are responsible for any cost incurred by registering for a repeat course that does not have appropriate approval. If a course is dropped at a date that results in a charge, the student is responsible for payment.

Graduate Students should contact their program coordinator or the Graduate Studies Office if they have questions about the applicable repeat policy for graduate students.

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