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Official Grade Point Policy at UW Oshkosh

Since the Fall 2007 semester, the official UW Oshkosh grade point will include only UW Oshkosh courses (previously the University used UW Oshkosh courses AND transfer courses in the official GPA). This will NOT remove any previous transfer credits from your official grade point average. This is only for transfer credits taken that will newly appear on your transcript starting in Fall 2007.

Please review the Question and Answer section below:

1. I have transfer credits on my current transcript, what will happen to my official GPA?

Answer: Nothing will happen to your official GPA. Only courses that will transfer in for Fall 2007 and beyond will not be calculated in your official GPA. These courses will still appear on your transcript and will count for academic requirements they just will not be calculated in your official GPA.

2. I would like to repeat a course that I failed at UW Oshkosh at another institution. Can I do this?

Answer: You can take the course at a different institution to count for a specific course requirement but it will not remove your current grade from the original course and it will not affect your official GPA.

3. How can I improve my official GPA?

Answer: You will need to repeat the course at UW Oshkosh.

4. What about other grade point calculations, like my major GPA requirement?

Answer: This change is only affecting your official grade point. Your major GPA calculation and other “internal” calculations will count ALL courses (both transfer and UW Oshkosh courses). Any computation that previously used your official grade point average will use the new official grade point.

5. What GPA is used when Academic Standing and Graduation Honors are computed?

Answer: These all use the official grade point average.

6. I have transfer credits from 2003 (for example) on my record. I do not want these to be computed in my official grade point. How can I remove these?

Answer: You cannot remove any prior transfer credit. The new policy goes into effect for Fall 2007. It is not retroactive.

7. I am currently a UW Oshkosh student. I would like to take a Summer course from another institution and transfer this back to UW Oshkosh. How will you count this?

Answer: Summer courses taken by continuing students (students enrolled at UW Oshkosh for the Spring semester) will be included in their official GPA. Students who are not attending for the Spring semester and take a Summer course at another institution will not have transfer credit posted until the following Fall. Grades for Summer courses for these (non-continuing) students will not count in their official GPA.

8. I am transferring to UW Oshkosh beginning Fall. Summer prior classes will be included in the work that I am transferring to UW Oshkosh. How will you count these Summer transfer courses?

Answer: Students who are not continuing students (students who were not enrolled at UW Oshkosh for the Spring 2007 semester) and new transfer students will have these credits posted on their transcript for the Fall 2007 semester. Therefore, these grades will not be counted in their official GPA.

9. So some students may have some of their transfer work in their official GPA and some may not have it included?

Answer: That is correct. Transfer students who have had course work already posted on their UW Oshkosh transcript prior to Fall 2007 and are now returning to UW Oshkosh with new transfer course work will still have the old transfer credits count in their official GPA, but the new course work will not.

10. What if I am a new transfer student in Fall 2007 but my transfer courses were taken prior to 2007? How will these transfer credits count in my official GPA?

Answer: Since these credits will be put on your record for Fall 2007, they will NOT be included in your official GPA regardless of when you took the course. UW Oshkosh students who had transfer course work posted on their records prior to Fall 2007 will always have these credits included in their official GPA.

11. What if I’m studying abroad during the school year?

Answer: Any course that is a UW Oshkosh course even if it’s taught abroad will always be included in your official GPA since it’s an Oshkosh course. If you are in a UW Oshkosh sponsored travel abroad program and are considered enrolled at Oshkosh during the semester (even though you are studying in a different country), your credits for that semester will be included in your official GPA. If you are not considered a continuing student, your coursework upon reentry to the University will be posted in the following semester and will not count in your official GPA. Please contact us if you have questions about your status.

12. What about CAPP credits?

Answer: CAPP credits will always be included in your official GPA since these are UW Oshkosh credits.


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