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Submitting Grades to the Registrar's Office

If you encounter errors or problems when using Titan Web, this troubleshooting guide may help. Below are frequently asked questions regarding Submitting Grades to the Registrar's Office via Titan Web. Click on the question to get more information:

I changed the Grade Roster Approval Status to "Submit to Registrar." When I try to sign out of Titan Web, I get a message that I have unsaved data. Why?

Grades must always be saved before exiting Titan Web. When you change the Approval Status from "Ready to Grade" to "Submit to Registrar", you must click on SAVE at the bottom of the roster to save the new approval status!

Note: All students must have a legitimate grade entry before the status can be changed to "Submit to Registrar."

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After entering ALL grades, changing the Grade Roster Approval Status to "Submit to Registrar" and clicking on "Save", I get a message, "Grade must be populated. All students must have a grade before the roster can be approved." What am I doing wrong?

You did not SAVE all the grades in the "Ready to Grade" Approval Status prior to changing the status to "Submit to Registrar." To correct this, click OK on the error message to exit the error message box. Change the Approval Status back to "Ready to Grade" and SAVE. Now change the Approval Status to "Submit to Registrar" and SAVE.
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I set the Grade Roster Approval Status to "Submit to Registrar." I need to change a grade I entered, but the Grade Entry box has disappeared. What should I do?

Placing your rosters in the “Submit to Registrar” status effectively gives the Registrar’s Office permission to post your grades at the close of business that day. If it is likely that you will need to modify any of your grades prior to the deadline date for submission, you should leave the status as “Ready to Grade”. Up until the time the Registrar’s Office posts the grades, you can change the status of the roster from “Submit to Registrar” to “Ready to Grade”, and click SAVE (you are saving the change from Submit to Registrar to Ready to Grade). The Roster Grade entry box reappears and you can make the appropriate change(s). Click on SAVE to update the grade changes, change the Approval Status to Submit to Registrar, and click on SAVE.

Note: Grades that have been officially posted cannot be changed on Titan Web. You must file a Change of Grade Form with the Registrar’s Office

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I entered and saved grades on my Grade Roster(s). Now I am trying to submit the rosters to the Registrar's Office, but the Grade Roster icon has disappeared next to the class(es) in My Teaching Schedule on the Faculty Center page. Why? What should I do now?

Grade rosters are available on Titan Web at the end of each grading session (i.e., 7W1, 7W2/14W, 10W/17W/3WI, 4W1, 4W2/8W) for an e-Grading period of approximately 2 weeks. All grades must be entered and submitted during this e-Grading period. Deadline dates for submission of grades are posted on the Registrar’s Office website. Your grading access to the Titan Web grade rosters may be removed after deadline dates, if you have not submitted your grades. Written approval from the dean or dean’s designee of your college (i.e., Business, Letters and Science, Nursing, Education and Human Services) must be obtained and forwarded to the Registrar to reinstate your e-Grading access. Note: Some exceptions exist for classes meeting outside the normal start/end dates of the term.
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