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Recording Grades

If you encounter errors or problems when using Titan Web, this troubleshooting guide may help. Below are frequently asked questions regarding Recording Grades on the Grade Roster in Titan Web. click on the question to get more information.

I am attempting to record a grade of “P” for a student, but when I try to record the “P” the system will not accept the grade. What should I do?

A “P” grade is only valid for classes with a Pass/No Pass (PNP) grading basis. The Grading Basis for each student is listed under the Grading Basis column of the Grade Roster. You can determine the “acceptable” grades for a student by clicking on the drop-down arrow in the Roster Grade box of the grade roster. Click on the appropriate grade in the drop-down list and it will appear in the Roster Grade box. Note: If you believe the grading basis of a class is incorrectly assigned, you should contact your department’s university services associate or chairperson and the Registrar’s Office (920) 424-0495.

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How do I identify students auditing my class?

The Titan Web Grade Roster identifies the grading basis on each student under the Grading Basis column. If a student audits a class, the Grading Basis will be “Audit”. The only valid grade to record is an AU.

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I had a student attending my class, but the student’s name does not appear on the Titan Web Grade Roster. Why? And how do I assign the student a grade?

There are two reasons a student’s name will not appear on the Grade Roster: 1) S/he never officially registered for the class or 2) S/he enrolled in the class AFTER the Registrar’s Office ran the process to create the web grade rosters (approximately 5 days prior to the end of a class session). If the student submits the Appeal to Late Add Form to you to get enrolled in the class, you can record the final grade in the “Instructor” section, and it will be posted when the late add is processed in the Registrar’s Office. Or, you can fill out the Form for Recording Grades for Non-Registered Students which is available on-line on the Registrar’s Office website or by calling (920) 424-1199 or 0495.

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I have a student’s name on my Grade Roster, but the student never attended the class. What should I do?

You MUST assign a grade to ALL students on the Grade Roster, even if s/he did not attend or stopped attending. Generally, this grade should be an “F”. If s/he received approval for a late drop AFTER the Registrar’s Office generated the Titan Web Grade Rosters, the grade will not be entered on her/his academic record at the time grades are posted by the Registrar’s Office.

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When I click on the SAVE button, the “Processing” message keeps flashing over and over again and then “kicks” me out of the system with a “Page no longer exists” message. Why is this happening? Can I prevent it?

First of all, be sure you are not clicking on the SAVE () button multiple times while viewing the “Processing” message. Be patient!! You may encounter longer processing times on certain days or at certain times during the day when system performance is likely to be slower than usual due to the high volume of “hits” from simultaneous users. System performance also depends on the computer and internet connection (i.e., dial-up, DSL) you are using. If performance is extremely degraded, you need to report the problem to the Help Line (920) 424-3020 or email . You can also prevent long processing times by saving grade rosters OFTEN and EARLY. Remember: You do not have to enter ALL grades to save a roster.

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I entered some of my grades on a Grade Roster and saved them. Now I want to grade the rest of the students. Is there an easier way than scrolling through the whole roster of names to locate those students?

The Grade Roster page contains a “Display Unassigned Roster Grade Only” check box. When checking this “on”, you will receive a list of only students who have not been assigned grades. Enter the grades and SAVE the roster. To return the complete list of students, uncheck the box.

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I left my computer workstation for a while and lost what I was working on. How come?

For most users, Titan Web times out after 20 minutes of inactivity. Simply keying data into the Grade Roster does not constitute activity. The data entry part is "local" activity on the computer. It doesn't count as application activity until you click SAVE or perform some other function that requires a response from the application. Always SAVE your work before leaving your workstation. If you saved your work before leaving your workstation, it is NOT gone and can be access by logging back into the Titan Web system.

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When entering grades, I was suddenly logged out of the system and could not log back in. Why? What happens to the grades I entered?

PeopleSoft servers generally are down Monday - Friday from 2:00 AM to 7:00 AM for backups and maintenance. If you are in the system when the backups or maintenance starts, you will be automatically logged out and lose any grades you have entered that have not be saved. This is one reason to SAVE your grades OFTEN and EARLY.

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I am getting the message, "Page data is inconsistent with database..." when attempting to SAVE the grades on the Grade Roster. Why?

This problem can occur for several reasons, and may or may not be the result of an application or programming error. It indicates that the system found that the information currently in the database did not match what was expected when you attempted to save your data. You need to take note of any changes you made to the grade roster prior to clicking on SAVE, click OK to exit the Error Message box, and click Cancel to return to the Faculty Center page. Try again to record the grades and SAVE. If the problem persists, report it to the Help Desk at (920) 424-3020.

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I use Learn@UW (D2L). How will I record my final grades?

If you use Learn@UW, you may record final grades using the grade book tool. Grades can then be exported from D2L and imported into the Titan Web grade roster. Follow instructions at

provided by Sarah Bradway, D2L Campus Administrator, (920) 424-3334.

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