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Printing the Grade Roster

If you encounter errors or problems when using Titan Web, this troubleshooting guide may help. Below are frequently asked questions regarding printing problems. Click on the question to get more information:


Q: I've clicked on the browser print icon, but I don't know where the printout went. How do I determine where it went or where to send the printout?


A:Anything you print from the Titan Web Student Information system will be sent to your default printer (or another printer that you have installed and selected). Instead of using the browser print icon, try choosing Print from the File menu on the browser window. The default printer will appear highlighted in the Select Printer field of the Print dialog box. The Status, Location, and Comment lines beneath the printer name field provide more descriptive information about the printer(s). Choose the printer you wish to print to and Click Print. If you still experience problems, you can contact the Help Line at (920) 424-3020 or email for assistance.
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Q: I clicked on the Excel download grid on the Grade Roster page, but nothing happened. What do I need to do?


A: You need to check your Internet security settings to download files.  From the browser menu bar, click on Tools > Internet Options > Security.  Select the Internet zone and click on the Custom Level push button.  Click OK.  On the Security Settings – Internet Zone page, scroll down the settings section until you see download grid icon.  Make sure the radio buttons are set to Enable for “Automatic prompting for file downloads”, “File download”, and “Font download.”  Click OK.
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