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Accessing Grade Roster(s)

If you encounter errors or problems when using Titan Web, this troubleshooting guide may help. Below are frequently asked questions regarding Titan Web access to Grade Rosters. Click on the question to get more information:

I am teaching classes this semester and have successfully logged on to Titan Web, but forgot the navigation to view my grade rosters. Can you give me directions?

Once logged into Titan Web, you will be on the Faculty Center page pictured below. Note the default term appearing on that page.  If you need to access a different term’s grade roster, click on the button. Click on the Grade Roster Icon next to the Class in the My Teaching Schedule section.
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No classes are listed in My Teaching Schedule section on my Faculty Center page. Why?

Make sure you are viewing the correct term.  You can change the term by clicking on the  button. If the term is correct, you have not been entered into the student information system database as the primary (#1) instructor of the class. Contact your department university services associate or chairperson for assistance.
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The Grade roster icon is not appearing next to the class I want to grade. Why not?

Approximately one week prior to the end of the class session, the Registrar’s Office generates the grade rosters and instructors are given security access to them.  The date you can access the grade roster on Titan Web is determined by the session in which the class was built.  To determine the session, select the Class Roster by clicking on the class roster icon next to the class.  On the Class Roster page, the session appears below the class subject/catalog number/section.

Refer to the e-Grading Calendar for a list of dates when grade rosters are available for grading.  If you are ready to grade ALL students in your class prior to the standard grade roster generation date, contact the Registrar’s Office at (920) 424-0495 or 1199 or email for assistance.
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I am teaching two classes during the first seven weeks (7W1) of the semester. When I choose the appropriate term (i.e., Fall 2008), why do I see the Grade Roster icon next to only one of the two classes?

You will only see the Grade Roster icon next to classes for which you are listed in the PeopleSoft Schedule of Classes as the primary instructor with grading access approval.  Another instructor may be assigned to the class with the grading access (i.e., for graduate thesis or field project classes).  Or, if you are trying to access the grade roster to grade students after missing the published e-Grading deadlines, your access may have been removed and will need to be reinstated by the Registrar’s Office.  You can contact the Registrar’s Office (920) 424-0495 or email for assistance.
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I am able to view one of the Grade Rosters, but am getting "stuck in a loop" when I attempt to go back to select a different Grade Roster. What am I doing wrong?

For the most part, the Titan Web system is very easy to navigate. It is best to always use the navigation provided by PeopleSoft. This may be a Return to Faculty Center, Cancel or Home button. We advise that you avoid using your browser’s Back button, since results are erratic. You can use the Home tab visible on every Titan Web page to return to the Faculty Center main page.
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I am experiencing problems navigating to pages and can't find what I want. Help!

If you have tried other troubleshooting hints provided and still have problems, it may be security-related. Try using a different browser (Internet IE, Firefox or Safari) as some browsers are not supported by PeopleSoft. Clear your cache of temporary internet files and cookies (see Troubleshooting Guide – Browser Compatibility). Contact the Help Line at (920) 424-3020 or email for assistance.

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