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Course Delivery Methods: Fall 2021 and Beyond

In the 2020-2021 academic year, UW Oshkosh made available several new course delivery modes, as well as new but temporary flexibilities for students who were constrained from attending classes in person due to the pandemic. Starting in Fall 2021, the university will be offering its three pre-pandemic modes of class delivery: in person, online, and hybrid. Regardless of the mode of delivery, students are responsible for following the attendance policies and participation requirements set by the course instructor.


Most classes will meet in person at the location and on the days and times noted in the course listing in TitanWeb. Students are expected to attend all class sessions in person. These courses will not have an option for online participation, beyond any work that is assigned for students to complete outside of class sessions.

100% Online

Courses that will be delivered online will be clearly marked in TitanWeb. You will see “100% Online” in the Room column of the TitanWeb listing.

If an online course has “TBA” listed in the Days & Times column (as in the example above), it will be delivered in an “Asynchronous” mode, meaning that students are not required to participate at any particular day or time (though your instructor may ask to meet with individual students or groups of students at a mutually agreed time). Asynchronous courses are not “self-paced,” and students in asynchronous courses will be held accountable for completing assignments and participating in discussion forums following due dates determined by the instructor.

If an online course has specific days and times listed in TitanWeb, the course will meet in a “Synchronous” mode, meaning that the students and the instructor will meet virtually on the days and times indicated. Instructors will hold students responsible for participating in synchronous class activities. You should be able to participate fully in a synchronous online course from any location with good access to the Internet, but you will need to participate during the listed days and times.


Some courses may be delivered in a “hybrid” format. Typically, a hybrid course meets regularly in person throughout the semester but replaces some in-person meetings with online activities. The instructor will explain on the syllabus, and may explain during the first class session, their expectations for class attendance and for online activities.

Hybrid courses will have a location and specific days and times listed in TitanWeb, since they do meet in person part of the time, so they will look like totally in-person classes. To determine whether a class will be delivered in a hybrid format, click on the class listing’s Class number or Section number. 

Clicking in either of these fields will display the Class Detail page, on which the Instruction Mode will be listed as “In Person,” “100% Online,” or “Hybrid at Least 25% Online.”

It is also always a good idea to check the Class Detail page to see if the instructor has included any Class Notes. Not all classes include Class Notes, but when they are included, they may contain important information about class expectations, technology requirements and/or additional class fees. Here is another example:

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