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Additional Marketing Resources

Looking for additional ways to market on Oshkosh campus? Check out the resources listed below. If you have specific questions, please contact

Student Announcements email

A daily email is sent to all enrolled UW Oshkosh students with information about upcoming university events or announcements. If you are planning an event and would like it included in the daily email, please read the all-student email protocol carefully:

Announcements/events posted in this daily email must be open to all students. If you’d like something to be included in the daily email, send the pertinent information to before 9 a.m. on the day of your event – the email is sent after 11 a.m. each weekday. Content can be submitted ahead of desired post date. Please include title of your event, date, time, location (virtual or in-person) and a brief description of the event. Please also indicate if the event is open to students from all three campuses, or just for one specific campus.

NOTE: Events will only be posted ONCE unless the event is a large university-sponsored event. Reoccurring club/organization/department meetings will only run once per semester unless there is a special event or speaker addressing a larger campus audience. Please think about the timing of your announcement for the greatest impact.

Display Areas in Reeve

Reeve Memorial Union has thousands of people walk through its door every day. A good way to get your message across is by displaying it in one of our display areas. There are four different display areas cases and a hanging sign by the lower level of Reeve Union that students organizations can reserve:

  • Pulley Display – 20 x 30 inches
  • Vertical Display Cases – 34.5 x 57 inches
  • Horizontal Display Case – 138 x 18 inches

Instructions: Display areas must be reserved a week in advance and can be reserved for a minimum of one (1) week and a maximum of two (2) weeks. Information should be displayed on Fridays and removed on Thursdays during the time you have reserved. Please email with your organization name, contact name, email and topic to be added to the schedule. Reeve Marketing will respond with confirmation and more details about preparing your display. Reeve Marketing reserves the right to make adjustments to policies and schedule, based on needs.

Enter your event into Titan Connection

Titan Connection is UW Oshkosh’s brand new campus involvement website and app that allows students to view upcoming events and all the registered organizations on campus.

If you are an organization administrator, you have the ability to enter your student organization’s events in Titan Connection!  Learn how to enter your events here.

Download the Titan Connection app from the App or Google Play store (requires iOS 9.0 or higher or Android 8.0).  You can also view events by visiting the Titan Connection website.

Enter your event into the UW Oshkosh calendar

The UW Oshkosh calendar is for events that are open to the public. Scroll to the bottom of the calendar to find the link to submit an event.

For questions about the events calendar, please send an email to

Sidewalk Chalking

Registered student organizations are permitted to advertise their events on university sidewalks with chalk as long as they abide by the University Chalking Policy. Please read the University Chalking Policy below, derived from the Student Organization Manual, chapter 3 section 7.

Chalking for the purpose of promoting acceptable University events and initiatives is allowed on the UW Oshkosh campus with the following guidelines:

  • Chalking may only be done on outside sidewalks.
  • Chalking on vertical surfaces is prohibited (i.e. walls, sides of steps, doors, benches, trash receptacles).
  • Chalking on horizontal surfaces is allowed provided:
    • It is not under an overhang;
    • Rain or snow will be able to directly wash the chalking away.
  • Acceptable chalking materials include only washable, powder-based sidewalk chalk.
  • Chalked messages must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Student Conduct Code.
  • Chalking may not be tampered with or written over in attempt to deface chalked messages and purposes.
  • Students, staff, and faculty have the right to chalk on University grounds, but are obligated to follow chalking guidelines.

Violations of the above policy may result in disciplinary action through the UW Oshkosh Dean of Students and University Police.

Table in the Reeve Union Concourse

Registered student organizations may reserve tables in the Reeve Union Concourse at any time of the day on a first come, first served basis.

To reserve a table, complete the online request form and wait to receive your email confirmation.

Design Tips

Creating marketing materials on your own can seem daunting. While Reeve Marketing is always here to help, use some of these suggestions and resources to help you be successful:



25 Epic Design Tips For Non-Designers

Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

Video Tips

With endless resources at our fingertips, it is easy to capture high-quality photographs and videos. Need some tips on getting started? Check out our video and photography tips and tricks below!


  • CHOOSE YOUR MEDIUM — First, determine where you plan to share your video. YouTube and social media platforms typically favor horizontal (landscape) videos, so make sure you record that way. If you are sharing them Instagram TV, TikTok or another vertical (portrait) format, record that way.
  • USE A TRIPOD OR STABILIZER — Unless you’re going for the Cloverfield effect, shoot mostly static (still) shots that don’t have zooms, moves or pans. Move the camera after you’ve gotten the static shot. Use a tripod or stabilizer to keep videos from being overly shaky.
  • LET THE SHOT ROLL — Let each shot roll for at least 10 seconds. Start counting again every time you move the camera or reframe the shot. This will help you find easier spots to edit videos together.
  • CHOOSE WELL-LIT LOCATIONS — Footage that is taken in the dark can be grainy. Your camera/phone will always take better video in lighter places/settings.
  • USE A MICROPHONE — If you don’t have a mic, the voice memo feature on your phone is a good alternative as long as you set the phone close enough to the subject.
  • SHOW YOUR TITAN PRIDE — If you’re trying to promote your club or on-campus department, try and get shots wearing UWO or related clothing to help promote yourself.






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