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Reeve Marketing 


Looking to advertise your event on campus? Posters in high-traffic areas can be seen by thousands of students. Reeve Marketing will not deliver to these locations, but individuals and organizations could choose to utilize them. You can distribute at the locations listed below (31 posters).

The 2023-2024 Poster locations are:

(6) Reeve Union & Blackhawk Commons – Turn into the Reeve Union Admin Office (Reeve Union, Room 104)
(3) Sage Hall (excludes first floor bulletin board)
(2) Arts & Communication Building
(2) Halsey Science Center
(3) Polk Library — Turn into the Polk Library main office (2nd Floor)
(3) Center for Equity and Diversity — Turn into main desk, Women’s Center and LGBTQ+ Resource Center
(10) Residence Life — Turn in to the Residence Life main office (South Gruenhagen, Room 263)
(1) Student Recreation and Wellness Center — Turn into front desk

Optional General-Purpose Board Locations

There are several general-purpose bulletin boards on campus that anyone can advertise on. 

as of Sept. 29, 2021

Art & Communication Center (2)
Near Room 104
Near Room 112

Clow (2)
Near Rooms 136/138
Across from Room 150

Dempsey Hall (4)
Near Room 111
Near Room 135
Near Room 206-207
Near Room 313

Halsey Science Center (2)
By main doors
By main entrance area

Kolf Sports Center (1)
Across from Room 123

Radford Hall (1)
Inside Door 2 near the elevator

Reeve Memorial Union (1)
Near the Bookstore/elevator

Sage Hall (2)
Across from vending machines on first floor
Outside room 1210

Student Success Center (1)
Near the elevator on first floor

Swart Hall (1)
Near Room 106


Looking to advertise on the TVs throughout the Oshkosh campus? CampusVision slides are posted daily and can run for up to 3 weeks at a time. Each department or student organization is eligible to have up to 3 slides running at a time. Create your own slide and then email it to with the specifications listed below.

Please email slides along with the dates you would like your slide to run and the campus department/student organization making the request.

Deadline: Four working days prior to desired date on screen

Dimensions: 1920(w) by 1080(h) pixels

File Format: JPEG or PDF

Access Campuses

Please email slides to along with the dates you would like your slide to run.

Deadline: Five working days prior to desired date on screen

File Format: Powerpoint

Outdoor Digital Sign

The outdoor digital sign is reservable up to ten days. Due to the limited space on the digital sign, we are only able to display a limited amount of information; please keep this in mind when submitting your request.

Reeve Marketing reserves the right to edit messages for length and clarity. Please fill out our Outdoor Digital Sign Request form to display your message.