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  • Reeve Union 104
  • 920 424-2435

Audiovisual Services

Reeve Union Audiovisual Services provides quality audiovisual support in Reeve Union, supporting all administrative staff, meeting room guests and student guests.

Wireless Internet Access

The wireless network in Reeve Union and Blackhawk Commons is the same wireless network which serves the entire UW Oshkosh campus. This network is maintained by the UW Oshkosh IT Department. Please refer to IT wireless support page or call the IT Helpdesk at (920) 424-3020 if you are experiencing connection issues or have questions about how to connect.

Where is WiFi available?
There is free WiFi coverage in all areas of Reeve Union and Blackhawk Commons, including all public dining and lounge spaces as well as every meeting room and hallway.

Who can use WiFi in Reeve Union?
Any student, faculty or staff with an email account can access the wireless network in Reeve Union. Titan WiFi Guest is available to visitors and guests with a valid email address. All wifi access is available at no cost. 

There are two wireless networks in Reeve, which wireless network should I choose?
Any person with a NetID (student, staff, faculty or affiliates) should connect to the network named ‘Titan WiFi’. Any meeting room guest should connect to ‘Titan WiFi Guest’

How do I connect to the WiFi network?
Go to your device’s network settings control panel and select Titan WiFi (students, faculty, staff) or Titan WiFi Guest (meeting room guests). Students, faculty and staff will be prompted to enter their NetID. Guests can enter in their personal email address in the space below the login area.

Please see the IT wireless support page for more detailed connection instructions.

Meeting Room Technology

On Site Support

  • On-site, on-demand support for Reeve Union equipment is available from Audiovisual technicians between 8:00am and 7:30pm and is included in your room reservation.
  • A technician can also be requested for an event as part of your reservation, but may incur an extra charge.
  • Certain setup needs may incur extra charge. Your reservationist will inform you if tech support charges apply.

Web Conference Support

  • Setup of laptop, projector, and webcam (built-in or on a stand)
  • Platform test for video and audio
  • Login and startup assistance

Note: currently Microsoft Teams and Zoom are the preferred platforms at UW Oshkosh. If you are using a different web conference platform, please notify the reservations staff.

Conference Call Support

  • Setup of conference phone and line test.
  • Board-room style speaker phone.
  • Easy to use.
  • Assistance with dial-in, dial-out and conferencing.
  • If you’d like to setup a conference call for more than two participants, please refer to the Conference Now KnowledgeBase article.

Wireless Internet

  • Coverage in every room.
  • Connects to Titan WiFi with your NetID.

Wired Internet

  • Available in all rooms for campus laptops.
  • Ask for a “Data Connection” at time of reservation, (920) 424-2435.
  • Request when Shared Drive connection is needed.

Shared Drive Connection

  • All Reeve Union laptops support S drive connection to Campus Shared Drive.
  • Use your NetID username and password to login to one of the Reeve Union provided laptop carts.
  • Guests should connect with VPN or request a “Data Connection” with Reservation Desk (920) 424-2435.

Installed Technology

  • For a list of our spaces and the installed technology, please visit the Reservable Spaces page.

Portable Technology

  • For spaces that don’t have installed technology, 55” flatscreen TV carts or a portable projector are available.
  • Both portable options come with a powered speaker and HDMI connectivity.
  • VGA connectivity is also available on the flatscreen cart.
  • Sound equipment is available for use within Reeve Union; charges may apply. For other spaces on campus, please contact the Student Technology Center.


  • 15” Widescreen HP PC Laptop
  • Included presentation remote and USB hub
  • WiFi Ready
  • Slide Advancer/Pointer


  • Reeve Union does not provide adapters. Please bring your own adapters to connect via HDMI

Microphone Options

  • Wired Handheld
  • Wireless Handheld
  • Wireless Lapel (clip-on) or Earworn
  • Wired Instrument
  • Condenser Instrument

Portable Projector

  • Includes a loud powered speaker.
  • Connects to your laptop (video and audio) via HDMI.

55 inch Flatscreen TV Carts

  • Includes DVD player.
  • Connect laptop via VGA or HDMI.

Conferencing Options

Conference Phones

Reeve Union has a wired Cisco Conference Phone, which you can reserve through the Reeve Union Reservations. Technical assistance and setup by Reeve Union staff is provided for all conference phone reservations. If you are calling more than two participants, please refer to the Conference Now KnowledgeBase article.

Other/Advanced Options

For video conferencing or large conference calls, please contact the Help Desk, at or (920) 424-3020. There are also interactive video spaces on campus that may better suit your conferencing needs.

Event Support

Reeve Union Audiovisual Service also supports live bands, comedians, hypnotists and other large scale events. For detailed system information, band rider forms or any other inquiries, please email or call (920) 424-1224.