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SRWC  Hours:
Monday-Friday: 6am-11pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9am-10pm

Albee Pool:
Monday-Friday: 11:30am-2:30pm
Monday-Thursday: 6:15pm-9:00pm

Rec Plex Hours:
Monday-Friday: 2pm-11pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9am-10pm
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Chancellor’s Cup

To recognize the residence hall that achieves the highest level of participation in the Intramural Sports program, UW Oshkosh’s former Chancellor Richard Wells endorsed the awarding of the Chancellor’s Cup trophy at the end of each academic year. Current Chancellor, Chancellor Andrew Leavitt, now endorses and awards this trophy.

Participation, not championships won, is sole determinant in earning this award.

This award reiterates a core aim of Intramural Sports which to foster participation and friendly competition among residence hall students.

The Chancellor will present the trophy to the winning residence hall in an end-of-the-year awards ceremony at the winning hall. The winners will have their residence hall name engraved on the trophy and will get to display the trophy during the following school year.

Determining the Chancellor’s Cup winners will be done via the Chancellor’s Cup tab on Points will be awarded at the conclusion of each season or tournament based on the following requirements and guidelines. The residence hall with the most points will be declared the Chancellor’s Cup Champion.

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2016-17 Chancellor’s Cup Champions

North Scott Hall — Congratulations!