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Fall 2018  Hours

7:45 AM - 4:30 PM - Mon. - Thurs.

7:45 AM - 4 PM - Fridays

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Class-in-Session.jpgACAD 125
Comprehensive Study Skills

Earn your best-possible GPA! Learn to study smarter, not harder in this one credit, seven-week class. Appropriate for beginning and experienced students, take this class to study and apply strategies for time management, memory, notetaking, academic reading, test preparation, and test taking.

Sample syllabus

*Summer Online Offering* This course is offered the first 4 weeks of summer semester as a synchronous online class.  Contact instructor Melanie Marine ( with questions or register on Titan Web!


ACAD 135 Applied Study Skills, Paired with Psych 101

Students must also be enrolled in a designated section of Psychology 101.

Practice research-based study strategies that will enhance your scores in all of your coursework!  Topics are the same as with the one-credit Comprehensive Study Skills class--time management, memory, note taking, academic reading, test preparation, and test taking--but Applied Study Skills, as a two-credit course, offers extended modeling and practice with Psychology content.


ACAD 169 College Reading Strategies

You know how to read, but academic reading is still a challenging process:  Do you read several pages and realize you don’t remember what you just read?  Do you have a hard time remembering reading material on exams?  Do you have difficultly staying focused or determining what to study?  Would you like to increase your reading rate?

This one credit, seven-week class offers strategies to resolve common academic reading  problems, vocabulary study, and individualized skills practice.

*New Online Offering* This course is offered online the first 4 weeks of summer semester.  Contact instructor Kari Jaeckel-Rodriguez ( with questions or register on Titan Web!


ACAD 100 Developmental Reading

Do you want to become a more confident reader?  In this full-semester, 2 transcript credit course you will enjoy an individualized environment where you will learn academic reading strategies and have substantial opportunity to practice skills necessary for advanced comprehension.

Sample Syllabus


ACAD 115 Academic Recovery

Support, guidance, and confidence building are all part of this two-credit course designed to help students persist in college.  Offered for students on or near academic probation, course topics include study behavior and strategies, motivation, self-management, and engagement.  Prerequisite:  2.25 or lower GPA/consent of instructor.

Sample Syllabus

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GRE Workshops
All held in Clow 221

Tues., Oct. 16, 3-4:30

Tues., Nov. 13, 3-4:30

Tues., Jan. 15, 3-4:30

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