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Semester Schedules

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2019 Spring Semester

2019 Summer Semester

2019 Fall Semester

2018 Fall Semester

Early Registration in MPA Classes Strongly Encouraged

  • Because MPA courses have 20-student capacity each and fill very quickly, it is recommended that all current students and prospective applicants register for classes early or as soon as course registration opens to reserve their seats. Applicants can register in classes as special students--a status acquired once the admission fee is paid. Students can always drop the course for any reason.
  • Registration for classes does not require an immediate payment. Students are charged for the classes by the first due date of the semester. These due dates can be found on the Student Financial Services website. Generally, the first due date for fall and spring terms is at the end of the second week of classes. During summer, payments are due the first day of the summer term.
  • If you prefer that we enroll you in the classes or if you are unable to enroll, please contact the Department Chair, Dr. Anna Filipova (; (920) 424-0037).  

Closed Class Policy (Effective October 17, 2015)

  • In general, the Department of Public Administration does not utilize wait lists for closed classes in the on-campus MPA program or the online MPA program. Students can enroll themselves by watching for an open spot on Titan Web. 
  • Students are blocked from enrolling into closed (full) courses. Over-the-limit approvals may be issued – if classroom space permits – by the instructor teaching the course. If approval is granted, a student must present an email from the instructor or a signed add card to the Academic Department Associate (ADA) in the department office. Electronic approval is accepted by forwarding an email or a scanned add card to the ADA.
  • Effective 02/06/2017, students from the on-campus program who would like to take a course in the on-line MPA program will be included in a waiting list and advised 6 weeks prior to the start of the semester if any seats are available. Students admitted to the online MPA program have a priority registering for online MPA classes. Similarly, students from the online MPA program will be included in a waiting list if they would like to take on-campus classes, and advised 6 weeks prior to the start of the semester if any seats are available.

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