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Tuition and Fees

Online MPA Program

  • The expected tuition for the online MPA program option can be found on the Student Financial Services website under Online and Continuing Education (OCE), MPA Online.
  • This tuition amount is the same for in-state, out-of-state, and international students. The Minnesota Reciprocity and Midwest Student Exchange programs do not apply.
  • Information about financial aid and other opportunities can be found on this website.


If students are receiving financial aid or GI benefits they may find the UW Oshkosh Graduate Studies definitions below helpful in developing their plans with courses for completing the MPA program.

Full-Time Students

Full-time graduate students are enrolled in nine (9) credits for the fall or spring semester, or at least five (5) credits in the summer session.

If a student is a Graduate Assistant, they are considered full-time with six (6) credits during the fall or spring semester, and three (3) credits in the summer session

Part-Time Students

A student has part-time status as long as they are taking at least 1/2 of the 9 credits needed to be considered full-time.
That is, each semester during the Fall and Spring terms, for all MPA students–whether they are first-semester students or returning ones–they need to take a minimum of 2 courses per semester (or 6 credits) to meet the 4.5 credit requirement for part-time.
In the summer, a 3-credit course will meet the part-time requirement because it is more than half of the 5 credits needed to be full-time during the summer.
Students are strongly encouraged to consult with Dr. Ford ( about creating a plan with courses for the successful completion of the MPA program.

Other Financing Opportunities for Graduate Students

UW Oshkosh Employment Opportunities

  • The UW Oshkosh is dedicated to helping students find employment. More than 250 graduate students and alumni are employed at UW Oshkosh year year. See University career services.
  • Whether as graduate assistants, University staff, Academic Staff, Alumni Association Board of Directors members or even Faculty, MPA students and alumni are well-represented employees or volunteers on the UW Oshkosh campus. 


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