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Candidates who are interested to learn more about the MPA program or the Graduate Healthcare Management Certificate are encouraged to arrange a meeting with the Department Chair, Dr. Michael Ford.

Students who are newly admitted to the MPA Program are encouraged to arrange an orientation meeting with the Department Chair, Dr. Michael Ford before or during the first semester in the MPA program during regular business days/hours, Monday through Friday.

During the first or second semester in the MPA program, newly admitted students are also encouraged to invite a faculty to serve as their academic adviser and mentor. Faculty selection is usually based on student career orientation.


MPA Program

How long will it take for me to complete the MPA program?

When the MPA program is taken online, it can be completed in as few as two years.


What are the programs’ fees and is there any financial aid?

Yes! For current information on tuition and fees as well as Financial Aid, please visit this website.


Applications deadlines for Summer/Fall is March 1st and for Spring is October 1st. However, the MPA Department accepts applications throughout the year. Because classes fill quickly seats are guaranteed for those who apply by the deadlines.


No! GRE and GMAT are not required for admission in the MPA program. Those test scores are not always the best predictors of a student’s ability to complete the MPA degree.


Yes! International students must demonstrate evidence of English proficiency (TOEFL).


Does my undergraduate degree need to be in political science?

No! In fact, MPA students possess a wide variety of undergraduate majors, including public administration, business administration, economics, environmental affairs, foreign languages, biological sciences, sociology, religion, history, math, psychology, geography, etc.


Yes, it is valid since 09/08/2005: Credit for courses which have been taken within seven years of acceptance into the MPA program, and have been approved by the faculty, will be applied to the student’s record.

We also have a policy on credit for prior learning. No more than 6 credits are accepted toward the MPA program under this policy. Please check with PA Department Chair about it.


For information about the transfer of credits department policy, please contact the PA Department Chair. Also, check the Graduate Studies’ website about on pre-admission and other questions.


Yes! You may take a single class in this program by applying to the program as a credit non-degree special student. See Applying as a Special Student. Special student status does not allow that the applicant receives financial aid. Students can take up to 12 credits on a special student status that could apply toward the MPA program.

MPA Degree

“Putting the letters “MPA” after your name (e.g., Jim Peters, MPA) will set you apart in the job market. Employers look for distinctive characterstics in applicants, and they will recognize the degree. When an HR manager has 30 seconds to review a cover letter, this could make a big difference. Simply adding those three letters instantly signals the skills and knowledge you have gained. Use the designation on online profiles such as LinkedIn, in your email ‘signature’, resume, and professional letters.” (NASPAA)


“Both an MPA and an MBA degree offer advanced management courses as part of their core curriculum. An MPA degree, while still flexible enough to apply to the private sector (where many of UW Oshkosh MPA graduates work), is a degree focused on a career in public service. If you want a career in a government agency, in a non-profit organization, in a health care organization, in other public service organizations, or in a philanthropic institution, an MPA degree is ideal.” (NASPAA)


“The MPA is a flexible professional degree for these interested in managing, leading, and most of all: serving the public. Deciding to pursue an MPA is a strategic way of ensuring you have a master’s degree that is fulfilling and practical. MPA graduates are found in a variety of fields and policy areas across all career sectors. And since the arena of public service is so vast, the degree will enable you to synthesize and transfer all of your education, volunteer work, and professional experience into a meaningful career.” (NASPAA)

Graduate HCM Certificate

How long does it take to complete the HCM certificate program?
  • The program can be completed in ONE year or one can take up to four years.
  • Courses are offered in fall, spring, summer, and interim semesters.
  • Currently all courses are offered 100% online.


When do I need to apply to the HCM certificate program?

Prospective students are accepted throughout the year and may enroll at the beginning of fall or spring semesters.


Courses in Category A and Category B are offered in fall, spring, and summer. Currently all are conducted online.


Yes. All required course credits (Category A) are transferable towards a Master of Public Administration with health agency administration emphasis.


Courses in Category B are delivered through the College of Nursing or the College of Business primarily.


What is the tuition for the HCM category B online courses?

Please contact the College of Nursing at (920) 424-3089 and the College of Business at (920) 424-3199.


Matriculation into the HCM certificate program does not require a GRE score from potential students.


Yes, you may elect to take a single class to see if it meets your expectations by applying to the program as a credit non-degree special student. See Applying as a Special Student.


We do not accept transfer credit from another institution into the HCM Certificate program.


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