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“The Masters of Public Administration (MPA) degree is the core professional degree for a management career in public service. The curriculum is designed to aid students in developing the skills and techniques used by leaders and managers to implement policies, projects, and programs that resolve important societal problems. Graduates of an MPA program work in all levels of government (federal, state, and local), in nonprofits, in international organizations, consulting firms, and in the private sector.” (for further information see: and Public Services Careers). 

Employment Outlook

What Types of Jobs Do MPA Graduates Have?

“Since the degree programs offer so many different specializations and class options, assembling a comprehensive list of jobs that graduates may have is impossible. Common starting jobs for graduates include policy analysts, program managers, grant writers, researchers, and budget analysts. As their experience grows, many graduates rise to upper-level positions in government, nonprofit and even business organizations. The MPA degree program will help you to ascend the ladder.” (NASPAA)

What is the Employment Outlook?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projection program, organizations and government employed 281,700 administrative services managers in 2016, expected to grow by 10% by the year of 2026 or 310,200. See the annual wageThe industries employing the most administrative service managers in 2016 were education; health care; and state and local government.

What Could I Earn?

  • Specific public administration occupations and salaries.
  • NASPAA’s website also provides information about common U.S. salary inquires. MPA graduates could be employed in any of the three sectors (public, nonprofit, private). The salaries vary greatly by sector, geography, and work experience, among other factors. Data is also subject to change.
  • Salary information for medical and health services managers (nursing home administrators, clinical managers, health information managers, assistant administrators, and similar occupations) can be found on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Health care administration salaries vary depending on the size of the organization, the corresponding level of responsibility, as well as career experience. An MPA graduate degree with health care emphasis is the first step toward earning a higher salary in the field.

Positions UW Oshkosh MPA Graduates Hold

  • Government: City Manager; Performance & Information Services Administrator; Budget & Policy Analyst;
    Village Administrator, Clerk, and Treasurer; Personnel and Benefits Coordinator; County Supervisor; Town Administrator; Village Administrative Assistant; Transit Manager; County Social Services Director; Quality Assurance Administrative Monitor for the State; Ombudsperson; and others.
  • Other public organizations: Chief of Police; Fire Chief; Director of Human Resources; and others.
  • UW Oshkosh: Organizational Development Program Manager, Human Resources Manager, Chief of Police, Technology Manager, Veterans Resource Center Coordinator, Division Business Analyst in Administrative Services.
  • Non-profit organizations: President and CEO of Community Foundation; Director of Philanthropy; Executive Director; Community Organizer; Campaign Program Administrator; and others.
  • Health care organizations: CEO of Retirement Community; Executive Assistant at Health System; Director in Health Insurance Company; Director of Hospital Department; Public Health Services Manager; and others. 
Master of Public Administration Program Virtual Open House


Master of Public Administration Program

Virtual Open House

Join our faculty and alumni for a webinar to learn more about the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. We offer general public administration, nonprofit leadership and management, health agency administration, and fire and emergency administration and management emphases.

Find out how an MPA can help you grow as a professional and take your career to the next level!

Date: Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm

To register for the event, follow the link below:

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