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Mission, Vision, Values & Goals



The Department of Public Administration provides a high-quality education in the field of public administration to graduate and undergraduate students, conducts research relevant to theory and practice, and engages in service to improve the diverse communities in which we live and work.


The Department of Public Administration will be nationally recognized for fostering the development of exceptional leaders dedicated to the ideals of public service.

Core Values

  • Academic Rigor: Provide coursework that adheres to nationally accepted standards and expectations for MPA programs.
  • Collaboration and Community Engagement: Inspire students and faculty use theory and evidence to improve practice by partnering across campus and communities to serve areas in which they live and work.
  • Collegial Work Environment: Maintain a welcoming, supportive, and friendly work environment.
  • Democratic Principles: Develop an understanding of the constitutional foundations that guide equity and justice in public service delivery.
  • Integrity: Instill a commitment to ethical behavior, accountability, honesty, and fairness in personal and professional activities. 
  • Productivity: Pursue a proactive agenda in research, teaching and service.
  • Professional Success: Empower students, faculty, and staff to realize their full potential.
  • Student-centered and Inclusive Environment: Foster collaborative learning experiences that encourage student innovation, flexibility, inclusive excellence and engagement.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Continue ensuring high quality instruction that improves the learning of all students.

Goal 2: Maintain and strengthen collaborative relationships with other UW Oshkosh Units.

Goal 3: Promote and support scholarly and service activities of faculty and students.

Goal 4: Promote a positive work environment in the department.

Goal 5: Enhance the visibility and awareness of the Public Administration Department in the COLS, UW Oshkosh, and beyond.

Goal 6: Review the graduate and undergraduate curricula for the purposes of enhancing graduate and undergraduate student learning outcomes.

Goal 7: Increase growth in graduate and undergraduate enrollment and the diversity of the student body.

Goal 8: Improve the process of scheduling for graduate and undergraduate course offerings.
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