MPA Graduate Student Honors Recognition Award

MPA Graduate Student Honors Recognition Award was created by Public Administration Department. Its purpose is to recognize students who showed outstanding academic achievement, with personal service and ability.

MPA Graduate Student Honors Recognition Criteria

  • Student must be graduating in the current academic year (Summer-Fall-Spring)
  • Student must have demonstrated a sustained academic excellence (GPA in top of 30% of graduating students).
  • Student must have demonstrated commitment to public service throughout the course of his/her studies.


  • Selection will be made by the faculty with outside assistance as deemed appropriate.
MPA Graduate Student Honors Recipients
  • Hannah Sandgren (2020)
  • Rattana Akey (2020)
  • Kelsey McDaniels (2020)
  • Alicia Dorsett
  • Autumn Linsmeier
  • Benjamin Krumenauer
  • Crystal Strosahl
  • Diane Wessel
  • Heather Elsner
  • Jeremy Weso
  • Jessica Hilt
  • Kelsey Finke
  • Amanda Dickenson
  • Jessica Hake
  • Sara Baudhuin
  • Robert Schipper
  • Ann Miller-Larson
  • Nicholas Baus
  • Cassandra Lindholm
  • Ruthnande Kessa
  • Matthew Spence
  • Shawna Kuether
  • John Good
  • Carrie Kahn
  • Lee Laraby-Lim
  • Cheri Stoffel


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