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Our alumni have compiled enviable records of achievement in their work in governmental, non-profit, healthcare, and other public service organizations. Alumni hold key positions, such as city manager, budget and policy analyst, village administrator, clerk, and treasurer, town administrator, chief of police, community organizer, CEO of retirement community, director of hospital department, and others.

We are proud with our alumni successes, and we hope to feature more news and updates from them.  We are interested in highlighting YOU! Please provide us with the following information: year of graduation from MPA program, your current position (including the name of your organization, your title, and a brief job description), what you enjoyed most about the MPA program, and a current photo (optional).
Our hope is that this will be a great space for alumni to visit in order to feel more connected to the PA Department, as well as to learn what classmates have been up to.

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We are also poised to enlarge and enhance our current MPA program, and make it even more successful among other similar programs in the state of Wisconsin. This will mean more graduate students and more faculty members in the future. There are many ways you can help to make our MPA program become even more successful! 

  • Help us recruit! Recruiting for our graduate program is a high priority! So if you are in academics teaching undergraduate students with a desire for public service, supervising or managing public and nonprofit employees who desire to continue their education and advance on the job, or being involved with people who are enthused of becoming community leaders, please let them know about how exciting and successful the MPA program at the UW Oshkosh is!
  • Invest time! Time is another generous offering that will benefit our MPA students. Interested in providing local government or health care internships for our students? Wanting to share your work successes or leadership practices in the MPA classroom? Wanting to participate/volunteer in organized events by the department public administration? Wanting to participate in promoting the MPA program? Looking for teaching opportunities? These are few examples of how you can help increase success of the MPA program! 
  • Giving! We also welcome your support in the form of a gift. We have two funds that you can contribute to: Public Administration Excellence Fund and Stephen Hintz MPA Award Fund. 


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