Core Required Courses

15 total credits

  • PSYCH 720: Theoretical Concepts in Psychology
  • PSYCH 730: Foundations of Behavioral Statistics
  • PSYCH 731: Multivariate Statistical Methods
  • PSYCH 792: Foundations of Research Methods
  • PSYCH 793: Foundations of Research Methods II

Seminar Courses*

9 total credits

  • PSYCH 746: Seminar in Current Topics (topics vary)**
  • PSYCH 765: Affect and Psychopathology
  • PSYCH 775: Learning and Cognition
  • PSYCH 777: Biological Bases of Mind and Behavior
  • PSYCH 785: Developmental Processes
  • PSYCH 790: Seminar in Psychology

*Seminar course list reflects seminar courses taught within the past four years from current faculty

**PSYCH 746 course topics reflect the faculty instructors area of expertise. Recent PSYCH 746 courses that have been taught by current faculty included the following topics:

    • Emotion & Representation
    • Evidence Based Practices in Psychology
    • Gender, Sex, & Sexuality
    • Cognitive Neuroscience
    • Applied Cognitive Psychology

Please note that not all electives (i.e., seminar courses) will be offered every academic year and will be determined by the availability of the faculty. Along the same lines, students do not have the option to choose between electives, as only one will be offered per semester. All electives must be taken through the psychology department. 


Thesis Credits

6 total credits

  • PSYCH 795: Psychological Thesis

Independent Study Credits

Variable elective credits

  • Independent study in Psychology