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When will evaluations be sent out?
Course evaluations are open two weeks before the last day of term for 14-week classes and one week before the last day of term for 7-week and shorter classes.

Am I required to take evaluations?
Course evaluations are completely voluntary and not required.

Are results anonymous?

When will evaluations close?
Evaluations close at 11:59 on the last day of the term.

What if I want to change my evaluation?
Responses are closed once an evaluation is submitted and no changes can be made.

Will evaluations affect my grade?
No. Instructors do not see evaluations until after grades are submitted. All responses are anonymous.

Can I evaluate a course I’ve dropped?
No. You will not receive an evaluation for dropped courses.

I completed the evaluations. Why am I still getting email reminders?
While you may have completed an evaluation, email reminders indicate there are other open evaluations in your portal. Please check your portal for any unfinished evaluations.

I started but didn’t finish my survey before the survey expired. Will my evaluation count?
Unfinished survey responses are collected and data reported.


Where do students go to complete their evaluation? 
Students receive an email with link to their individual evaluation portal. This portal will remain with the student while enrolled at the university. Strongly encourage students to bookmark this portal, if they haven’t already, to easily find their evaluations.

How do I improve evaluation response rates?
Refer to Survey Administration Best Practices

Can I add questions to the evaluation?
No. A process for department level questions is being developed by the Improvement of Instruction Committee. You are welcome to survey students outside of this process.

When will my results be available?

How do I access results?
You will log into your account at and click on your dashboard.

Can I see which students have taken the evaluation?
No. You will see an overall percentage rate, but not individual student identifiers.

Will students who drop my course be able to evaluate the course?

Some courses are missing from the results. Why is this?
There is a minimum threshold of five responses applied to each course. Results are held until a new term and additional responses can be added for aggregate data.

Many of my students have told me that they did not get an evaluation for my course. What is the problem, and how can we fix it?
Students must take the survey before the last day of term. If this date is not passed, have the student search their email for The email will contain a portal link and surveys will appear in this portal if still active.

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