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Department and Program Chairs

Credit for Prior Learning – Information for Department and Program Chairs

Ultimately, all credits awarded for your program(s)’s courses are determined by the judgment of your faculty and instructional staff that a student already holds the knowledge and skills of a course as defined by the course’s learning outcomes. This can be assessed through CLEP tests, exams constructed by your department’s faculty and instructional staff, and/or other methods developed and approved by your department.

All the colleges at UW Oshkosh, as well as some individual departments, have their own Credit for Prior policies. There is also a university policy, which defines the portfolio option as the “default” Credit for Prior Learning process which is available to all students.

The chair’s role in the portfolio review process consists of the following steps:

  1. Once a student has confirmed with the CPL Coordinator that he or she would like to apply for CPL for one of your courses, the CPC Coordinator will contact you and request that you identify and recruit an Assessor for the student’s portfolio. The Assessor is generally a faculty or instructional staff member who has often taught the course in question.
  2. Once the Assessor has finished evaluating the portfolio, they will submit the evaluation form to you for your approval and signature. Once you have signed the form, you should forward it to the CPL Coordinator, who will document the decision and forward the form to the Registrar for final processing.

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