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Current Students

Credit for Prior Learning – Information for Current Students

You can receive credit for prior learning at two points in time:

During the Admissions Process

When you were admitted to UW Oshkosh, your application materials were evaluated to see if you were eligible for any Credit for Prior Learning (CPL). Some learning experiences accepted at the time of admission could include but are not limited to:

  • scores on Advanced Placement (AP) or similar courses taken in high school.
  • passing test scores for College Level Examination Program tests (CLEP tests).
  • transcripts showing grades for concurrent enrollment courses completed in high school (i.e., CAPP).
  • documentation of trainings or courses completed while in the military.
  • certification as an Emergency Medical Technician or in Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support or First Aid.
  • other certifications completed for employment or volunteer training.

Check your transcript to see what forms of CPL, if any, you were awarded when you were admitted to the university.

While Taking Courses

If you realize while taking your courses that you have prior learning experiences that might be eligible for Credit for Prior learning, it is not too late to apply. Contact your academic advisor and ask about your options for applying for CPL. Some departments have their own exams or other methods for assigning CPL. Another option is to construct a Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio to be evaluated by a faculty or staff member.

Some examples of prior learning that might be acceptable in a portfolio:

  • learning laboratory protocols or statistical techniques necessary to assist in conducting scholarly research.
  • preparing written or verbal presentations accepted for publication or presentation at meetings of professional societies.
  • assisting in applying for federal, state or local grants.
  • writing computer code.
  • designing, building and/or maintaining web sites.
  • workplace trainings related to required coursework.
  • other learning experiences related to required courses.

If you choose the portfolio option, you will enroll in a 7-week, 1-credit portfolio assessment class (Interdisciplinary Studies 145), in which you will work with the Credit for Prior Learning Coordinator to build a portfolio that will then be assessed by one or more faculty members.

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