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Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio

The Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio

The portfolio is a comprehensive document that summarizes all relevant learnings for a specific subject matter. While some elements are more generic, each portfolio is customized to demonstrate sufficient learning of material that could be worthy of earning credit for a specific course.

Students who pursue Credit for Prior Learning through the portfolio option begin the process by enrolling in a 7-week, 1-credit portfolio assessment class (Interdisciplinary Studies 145). The course consists primarily of each individual student working with the Credit for Prior Learning Coordinator to build a portfolio that will then be assessed for credit by one or more faculty or instructional staff members.

What Goes into a Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio? Required Elements:

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Professional Timeline
  • Autobiography
  • Professional Resume
  • Learning Statement (specific to course objectives)
  • Goal Statement
  • Appendix (with supporting documentation)

The Portfolio Review Process

The process of having a portfolio reviewed for credit begins while taking the 1-credit Portfolio course:

  1. The student work with the CPL Administrator to identify a course offered at UW Oshkosh for which the student would like to receive Credit for Prior Learning.
  2. The CPL Coordinator works with department chairs to identify an Assessor (a UW Oshkosh instructor) to review portfolio. The CPL Coordinator arranges a call between the student and the Assessor.
  3. During the call, the student and the Assessor
    • review the student’s background/experiences.
    • determine any additional work or documentation the Assessor may require.
    • set a timeline for the student to submit the portfolio for review.
  4. The student submits the following:
    • To the Assessor: portfolio and evaluation form.
    • To the CPL Coordinator: $95 Assessment Fee and payment form.
  5. The Assessor has 30 days to evaluate the portfolio. They may ask for additional work or to revise the portfolio in order to document that the student has learned the required content for the course.
  6. The Assessor completes the evaluation and submits the form to the department chair for signature, copying the CPL Coordinator.
  7. Upon approval of the department chair and payment of the fee, the CPL Coordinator forwards the credit request to the Registrar’s Office for transcription of credits.

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