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University Budget Development Committee

The University Budget Development Committee (UBDC), an Ad Hoc committee, will report to the Chancellor and will be dissolved when the charge is complete. The UBDC will be composed of previous members of the Chancellor’s Study Group on Budget Structures, one representative from each of the four University shared governance groups, and other members recommended by the committee chair, professor M. Ryan Haley. The work of the UBDC will use the findings outlined in the white paper produced by the Chancellor’s Study Group on Budget Structures.

The deliverables from the work of this committee include:

  1. A recommendation to the Chancellor by Jan. 31, 2016, that will include the following:
    1. If the University should change budget structures, and
    2. Identification of a prospective budget model family, if warranted,
    3. Several case studies about the prospective budget model family, if warranted, including at least one involving a failure of said budget model family.
    4. An outline of the “flavor” the UBDC foresees as best matching UW Oshkosh’s needs, if warranted.
  2. In formulating this recommendation, the UBDC will gather input from University constituencies including shared governance groups, academic and non-academic unit leaders at the dean/director level, and individuals from the faculty, staff and students. The UBDC will make every attempt to engage these constituencies through public forums, group meetings and written input.
  3. Once the Chancellor makes the final decision on the budget structure question, the UBDC will then design and implement a transition to the new budget structure, if warranted. It is expected that such a transition would take up to three years to complete. Membership of the UBDC can be changed as needed over this time period.

In addition to the five desiderata set forth in the white paper produced by the Chancellor’s Study Group: Budget Structures, new budget model should also:

  1. Support academic freedom
  2. Support UW Oshkosh’s commitment to liberal arts and professional studies
  3. Encourage enrollment growth given its centrality to UW Oshkosh’s financial condition
  4. Focus on the university-to-college/unit level (budgetary models within the colleges, for example, will remain the purview of the deans)
  5. Consider all forms of revenue and costs

Please accept by sincere thanks on behalf of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for the time, effort and talent you will provide to move the University into its next chapter of greatness.

Committee Members:

  • Jennifer Borgmann, Budget Planner, Finance and Administration
  • M. Ryan Haley, Professor of Economics (Chair), College of Business
  • Julia Hodgen, Dean’s Assistant, University Staff Senate
  • John Koker, Dean, College of Letters and Science
  • Jean Kwaterski, Assistant to Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
  • Angie Metke, Associate Budget Planner, Finance and Administration
  • Leslie Neal-Boylan, Dean, College of Nursing
  • Alexander Novak, Student, Oshkosh Student Association
  • Reginald Parsons, Student, Oshkosh Student Association, 2015-2016
  • Nathan Stuart, Associate Professor of Accounting, Dean Designee, College of Business
  • Matt Suwalski, Assistant Director for Business and Retail, Senate of Academic Staff
  • William Wacholtz, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Faculty Senate
  • Fred Yeo, Dean, College of Education and Human Services

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